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there are reasons why one person craves opiates, and another, a stimulant. there are certain “hacks” that address these issues so that the other therapies like counseling, step-work, and spiritual interventions even have an opportunity to work. the symptoms that got a person on medications generally come back if the underlying causes are not attended to. our program focuses on what is called environmental medicine by pulling out heavy metals, hormone-mimicking toxins, and other physiological and neurological stressors. we have a staff many of whom have suffered similarly and actually understand the plight from first-hand experience. like maybe if they had ever taken the medication you or your loved one was prescribed that they might suddenly stop dismissing your concerns. we get it, we have fought our own struggles here and many of us consider ourselves survivors. sometimes, medications do have a role, and we have found that most people do not have to live as if the medications are the only solution.

symptoms are likely the body and mind literally crying for what it needs. genetically we are all different, and our physiology needs to be researched and respected as such. socially we are different as well and how we define ourselves. medication tapering, supplement protocols, counseling styles and virtually every portion of the program is tailored to individual need. this has given proof of the efficacy of nutritional mental health and holistic mental health approaches. this was a study we self-funded, and we paid for a top-class medical statistician to give an unbiased evaluation of the data collected for over four years. subscribe to our newsletter to get monthly updates on alternative to meds and advancements in addiction treatment and holistic therapies. we have long-term medication withdrawal outcome studies, the only of their kind, evidence-based, backed by science and continuously fine-tuned as new technologies and findings emerge.

the search for addiction and mental health treatment can be overwhelming. we created this guide to support you in finding treatment that meets your needs. we’ve set out to create the most helpful, comprehensive database of luxury treatment providers worldwide. while our primary passion is helping people on their path to recovery, a close second is helping treatment providers connect with them. the best way to manage your provider profile on is by claiming it. a residential detox center with intensive outpatient care that specializes in tapered medication withdrawal and holistic healing. alternative to meds is a detox center that provides residential care and an intensive outpatient program (iop) for those struggling with drug addiction and co-occurring disorders.

alternative to meds uses holistic and evidence-based treatments to help ease medication withdrawal. the center runs various health tests for its clients in order to address the medical and physical causes of addiction and restore brain chemistry. alternative to meds also incorporates naturopathic methods to promote healing of the body. alternative to meds promotes exercise, mindfulness practices, and offers an organic diet to address underlying health imbalances. the center houses 18 beds and is made up of private and semi private bedrooms which all have access to the outdoors. the center is joint commission accredited and accepts a variety of insurance providers. are you a former client, a loved one of a former client, or a professional that has referred to alternative to meds? makes finding a treatment center effortless.

describes how alcohol and drug addiction affect the whole family. explains how substance abuse treatment works, how family interventions can be sedona, az, alternative to meds medication withdrawal, orthomolecular holistic integrative psychiatry, in a residential mental health center. alternative to meds center is a world-class licensed residential holistic behavioral mental health and addiction treatment center, providing their residents, .

learn about addiction treatment services at alternative to meds center. get pricing, insurance information, and rehab facility reviews. we handle residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as specialized care for a tapering medication withdrawal. we also have a relationship with a alternative to meds center (atmc), is a renowned treatment program offering sustainable alternatives to mental health and medication dependence., .

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