andrographis allergy

this study aimed to describe the characteristics of hypersensitivity reactions reported in patients receiving andrographis containing products in thailand using national pharmacovigilance database. for final assessment, the case reports with terms consistent with constellation of hypersensitivity reactions and critical terms were included. even though andrographis product is often perceived as a safe herbal product with minor adverse effects, it is recommended that a warning be included in the product information of andrographis containing oral products [2]. this retrospective database study aimed to describe characteristics of patients and hypersensitivity reactions associated with andrographis containing products using the thai vigibase database. the seriousness of adverse event was classified as non-serious and serious events.

a total of 197 case reports of adverse events associated with andrographis paniculata containing products were retrieved. our findings indicated that the oral use of andrographis may be associated with a risk of acute hypersensitivity reactions. this cumulative evidence suggested that andrographis was potentially associated with hypersensitive reactions as it was the likely cause for the majority of cases. in addition, thai fda recommends a pharmacoepidemiology study to determine whether the association between hypersensitivity reactions and andrographis containing products is confirmed. ws, up, nc conducted a critical review of the manuscript and provided final editing to the manuscript.

consumers and health professionals are advised that, following a safety review of andrographis paniculata (a.paniculata), the tga has found a potential risk of allergic reactions, including severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, associated with the use of products containing this herbal ingredient. it belongs to the acanthaceae family and is indigenous to india, ceylon, and java. products that include a.paniculata are listed on the australian register of therapeutic goods (artg) with a wide range of indications. between december 2002 and april 2014, the tga received 43 reports of anaphylaxis and 78 reports of other allergic-type reactions associated with products that contain a.paniculata.

details of this advice are available in the acsom meeting 23 meeting statement on the tga website. consumers are advised that, while use of products listed on the artg containing a.paniculata is usually safe, there is a potential risk of allergic reactions, including severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, associated with these medicines. if you use a medicine that contains a.paniculata and suspect that you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop using the product and consult a health professional. instruct them to stop using the product and consult a health professional if they suspect that they are experiencing any of those symptoms. your report will contribute to the tga’s monitoring of these products.

andrographis paniculata (andrographis) is one of the herbal products system with no previously documented history of drug allergy (88%). paniculata is usually safe, there is a potential risk of allergic reactions, including severe allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis, associated the tga has undertaken a safety review of andrographis – a herbal ingredient used in some complementary medicines., .

serious allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis are possible with andrographis-containing products. alert patients to the signs and symptoms of serious allergic reactions such as rash, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, facial swelling or loss of consciousness. andrographis paniculata (a. paniculata) is a plant that has been in use for to date, there is no validated allergy testing method for a. some people use andrographis for sore throat, coughs, swollen tonsils, bronchitis, and allergies. it is also used for “hardening of the learn more about andrographis uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, interactions, dosage, user ratings and products soothe your child’s allergies., .

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