ashwagandha and reishi

ashwagandha is an ancient indian herb which grows as a small shrub producing berries, also found in parts of the middle east and africa; most commonly known as a key ingredient of the ayurvedic system. ashwagandha is considered, like other superfood mushrooms, an adaptogen.‡helping to manage stress, promote a balanced mood and a good night’s sleep.‡ it can also help your body to maintain and regulate normal levels of cortisol.‡ in traditional remedies, the roots and orange fruit of ashwagandha have been used for hundreds of years; also named ‘indian ginseng’ or ‘winter cherry’. the results showed a significant change in overall stress levels, for those who had been consuming the ashwagandha, including overall support of optimal health.‡ when it comes to ashwagandha benefits for skin; this ancient herb can help to relax the body and mind from the inside out.

though this is a completely normal part of ageing, stress can speed up this process, which is why a more relaxed state of mind and body, can help to promote inner and outer softness. beta glucans are a group of antioxidant glucose molecules which are responsible for attracting water directly from the environment and applying it to your skin. as far as reishi and ashwagandha benefits for skin goes: they work as a powerhouse team together.

the word “adaptogen” can be found everywhere in the wellness world these days: from my inbox to my instagram and all that’s in between! adaptogens are ancient herbs and plants that have been used in ayurvedic and chinese cultures for centuries. these mechanisms are controlled by the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (hpa) axis and the sympathetic nervous system, and they work to maintain balance in our bodies. we have evidence that these herbs do in fact improve our resistance to stress, and that they support our bodies in maintaining homeostasis. they work on our hormones that are involved in hpa axis regulation, and they also work on molecules that play a role in our inflammatory response.

it is primarily used to improve our body’s stress response, but may also play a role in improving cognition and psychomotor function. i love drinking the four sigmatic reishi hot cacao mix in the evenings to help promote relaxation and sleep. taking adaptogens is generally safe and may ease hormonal symptoms while reducing the negative effects of stress on your body; however, it is always important to investigate the root cause of your stress. you can find out more about megan on our about page and reach out to work with her here. please keep in mind we will not share dosage, time of day, recommendations in blog posts as this is highly individualized.

at rritual we blend ashwagandha and reishi together, as part of our reishi relax collection, as both are known to help relax an overactive adaptogen blend has 8 adaptogens: reishi, cordyceps, panax ginseng, ashwagandha extract, amla, schisandra, tulsi (holy basil). and gynostemma (1600mg total). here are a few of my favorite ones: ashwagandha – this herb has been shown to reduce stress in adults. maca – this root can help your body, .

ashwagandha + reishi ashwagandha is an herb in the adaptogen family of botanicals. adaptogens are plants that support our ability to handle stress, keeping reishi ashwagandha immune powder. medicinal mushrooms and adaptogen herb shop. immune support, improve energy, ease stress. reishi, ashwagandha, and rhodiola are plant and mushroom-based supplements that can have a full-body effect on your overall health and wellness. together, these, .

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