ayurvedic medicine for mouth cancer

according to the world health organization, oral cancer is the eleventh most common type of cancer worldwide. oral cancer is treated in the same way like other cancers with the help of surgery followed by radiation therapy. during radiation therapy, patients may have to deal with a number of side effects.

experts at the rajiv gandhi centre for biotechnology (rgcb) along with the regional cancer centre in kerala have created a mouthwash using a herbal concoction, as prescribed in ayurveda, that can help in reducing the intensity of pain in patients undergoing radiation therapy for oral cancer. all the plants that have been used to make this herbal mouthwash are well documented in ayurvedic texts with anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, mucolytic or analgesic properties. researchers believe that these properties can be extended to relieve the problems associated with oral mucolitis, a painful side-effect of radiation therapy given to oral cancer patients.

mouth cancer, also known as oral cancer, is where a tumor develops in a part of the mouth. carcinomas arise not only from the oral mucosa but also from salivary glands and metastatic tumors of other epithelial organs. several studies have been conducted on these herbals proving there efficacy in treatment of cancer & cow urine has been researched and patented for its ability to improve efficacy and absorption of anti cancer drugs of modern medicine (allopathy) and herbal extracts. cow urine is scientifically proven to enhance the anti-microbial effects of antibiotic and anti-fungal agents. the invention has direct implication in drastically reducing the dosage of antibiotics, drugs and anti-infective agent while increasing the efficiency of absorption of bioactive molecules, thereby reducing the cost of treatment and also the side-effects due to toxicity. after my several attempts at treat turned futile, i went to tata memorial for treatment only to have the same result. i could not speak and had submitted money for the sound box operation.

finally i received cow urine therapy and got relief and improvement in quality of life with life expectancy. i am receiving cow urine therapy for last few months and my restlessness has soothed, the appetite has improved, and the body weight has leapt from 50 to 60 kilos. i took cow urine therapy & have saw improved in my symptoms and quality of life. yes, it has received u.s. patent for enhancing the properties of cancer drugs. this treatment not only increases life of cancer patients, but also helps in escaping from unbearable anguish and improves quality of life. yes, the treatment can be taken at home, no need to be admitted in hospital. the patient does not need to come to the indore center, the patient’s reports may be emailed/faxed along with symptoms and complaints.

researchers believe that these properties can be extended to relieve the problems associated with oral mucolitis, a painful side-effect of chemotrim syrup toxinol syrup heporyl syrup. important ayurvedic treatment for mouth cancer may also include: spirulina 2. green tea 3. neem 4. curcumin 5. grapeseed., related conditions, related conditions.

varunadi ghritha is also frequently advised for cancer patients who have completed radiation and chemotherapy for preventing the recurrence of the disease by general practitioners of ayurveda. ayurveda might help slow the rate of progression hence it is best used as a complement to the laser treatment which in many cases has not only in many cases mouth cancer treatment from medihope ayurvedic: oral cancers are treated primarily by surgery with/without adjuvant radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy. however, ayurvedic medicine does not entirely treat oral cancer but uplifts the post-treatment care process. several, .

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