ayurvedic treatment for pancreatic cancer

pancreatic cancer begins within the tissues of your pancreas — an organ in your abdomen that lies behind the lower a part of your abdomen. each herbal extract used in our products have been researched and reestablished to have anti cancer pharmacological activities as per the modern science by ccras, research wing of ayush (government of india). cow urine is scientifically proven to enhance the anti-microbial effects of antibiotic and anti-fungal agents. the invention relates to a novel use of cow urine as activity enhancer and availability facilitator for bioactive molecules, including anti-infective agents. the invention relates to a novel pharmaceutical composition comprising an effective amount of bioactive fraction from cow urine as a bioavailability facilitator and pharmaceutically acceptable additives selected from anticancer compounds, antibiotics, drugs, therapeutic and nutraceutic agents, ions and similar molecules which are targeted to the living systems. i could not speak and had submitted money for the sound box operation. finally i received cow urine therapy and got relief and improvement in quality of life with life expectancy.

i am receiving cow urine therapy for last few months and my restlessness has soothed, the appetite has improved, and the body weight has leapt from 50 to 60 kilos. i had afflicted with breast cancer & doctor had forbidden operation. i took cow urine therapy & have saw improved in my symptoms and quality of life. this treatment not only increases life of cancer patients, but also helps in escaping from unbearable anguish and improves quality of life. no, because the medicine is completely natural and is made from cow urine and pure herbal extracts there are no side effects. the patient does not need to come to the indore center, the patient’s reports may be emailed/faxed along with symptoms and complaints. patient family member can also choose to visit the center with patient reports and other details, based on which appropriate treatment will be suggested.

pancreas is a secreting gland placed right behind the stomach. the pancreas contains two separate glands, the exocrine and endocrine glands. more than 95% of the cells in the pancreas are exocrine glands and ducts. a small percentage of the cells in the pancreas are endocrine cells. the islets release 2 hormones, insulin and glucogen. (c) tobacco and alcohol: – the risk of developing pancreas cancer increases with the intake combination of tobacco and alcohol. (d) diet: – diet with high fat content may increase the risk of developing pancreas cancer. (f) chronic pancreatitis: – this is a long term inflammation of the pancreas.

(g) occupational exposure: – heavy exposure to certain pesticides, dyes and chemicals related to gasoline may increase the risk of developing cancer of the pancreas. (a) stage i: – the tumor is confined to the pancreas and is less than 2cms in size. (b) stage ii: – the tumor is either confined to the pancreas or growing outside the pancreas but not into large blood vessels. (c) stage iii: – the tumor is growing outside the pancreas into large blood vessels. it has not spread to other organs. of secondary (metastases) cancer 266. in all 266 patients with metastases of different types were treated at darf. to be added soon article on research on high affectivity of herbs in cancer.) the data and information contained on this site is based on ayurvedic herbal wisdom and our research.)

this treatment involves early palliative care and the herbal extract combinations of ginseng (panax ginseng c.a. mey.), and white flower new research from the university of pittsburgh shows that triphala, a general ayurvedic medicine for stomach ailments can inhibit cancer of ayurveda is the clear and the most suitable treatment for pancreatic cancer. it is the most suitable way to regain a balanced state of, related health topics, related health topics.

chemotrim syrup toxinol syrup heporyl syrup. planet ayurveda offers 100% natural product for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. crab care pack is one of best herbal product for cancer treatment. ayurvedic remedies for pancreatic cancer tulsi or ocimum tenuiflorum: tulsi has been known to have many medicinal properties and has been used in ayurveda, .

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