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however, there is increasing interest in the use of topical alternatives for the prevention and treatment of nonmelanoma skin cancer, particularly superficial variants. here, we review botanical agents that have been used for the treatment and prevention of nmscs. in a phase i/ii clinical study to determine the efficacy of the e. peplus sap, for which the main ingredient was ingenol mebutate, on the treatment of bccs, sccs, and intraepidermal carcinomas, ramsay et al. all patients in the study complained of pain and burning during irradiation. after adjusting for lifestyle and demographic variables, they found that daily consumption of six or more cups of coffee had a 30% reduction in occurrence of nmsc [18]. expanding on the animal studies, the use of green tea and its ingredients have been studied in humans.

black salve, a combination of botanical agents, and bloodroot are two escharotic botanical agents that have been described in isolated case reports for their use in nmscs. many studies have demonstrated that a high consumption of vegetables and fruits with a high concentration of beta carotene has an inverse association with the risk of cancer [55–59]. curcumin is a spice that originates from the root of the curcuma longa linn plant and is the major contributor to the yellow pigment in turmeric and curry. furthermore, they found that through in vivo and in vitro systems, photoprotection was a result of antioxidant mechanisms. clinical trials assessing the effectiveness of ingenol mebutate on bccs and sccs and case reports with patients using paclitaxel for bccs suggest efficacy of these agents for treating nmscs in humans. finally, it is important to note that in short studies, such as the study of ingenol mebutate by siller et al. in this review, we have included a variety of botanical agents that have been studied or reported for the treatment of nmscs.

these treatments can be expensive or uncomfortable, and they require a visit to the doctor. the internet is filled with dozens of recipes for home remedies. first, you may not know exactly what kind of lesion you are self-treating. there are three main types of skin cancer, and several subtypes of each. a skin biopsy is needed to confirm that a lesion is cancerous. one risk of using a home remedy is that it will not work, giving the cancer time to grow. the salve is applied to a lesion. the treatment can be painful.5 it may cause scarring in the treated area.4,5 although published data are limited, only 8% of cases report good or fair appearance of the affected area after treatment.4 if the cancer persists or returns, it may be hard for a doctor to evaluate the area because of the skin damage.

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ingenol mebutate, hypericin, coffee, tea, black salve, bloodroot, paclitaxel, and beta-carotene have been studied for their effects on nmsc in in a study from cancer letters, purple eggplant extract has been proven as an effective treatment for keratosis, basal cell carcinomas, and for kaposi sarcoma, some naturopaths recommend a paste made from lemon balm ( melissa officinalis ) cream, several drops of hoxsey-like formula,, .

various internet sites and blogs claim that apple cider vinegar can help treat skin cancers, including basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell fortunately, basal cell carcinoma is a skin cancer that can respond relatively well to natural remedies. treatment options such as curaderm, apple cider black salve isn’t the only natural treatment that concerns dermatologists. vitamins, herbal remedies, and other all-natural products can interact with cancer, .

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