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the aim of the present study is to introduce medicinal plant-based treatments about mastalgia and summarizes clinical trials about this disorder. therefore, in the present study, we aimed to review the medicinal plants that use in the treatment of mastalgia and summarize their clinical trials. the results showed a significant difference in vas evaluation (p = 0.002) and no significance for mcgill evaluation leading us to conclude that nigella sativa syrup is effective on cyclic mastalgia [21]. (2009) also realized that the treatment with sixty drops of vitex agnus-castus daily for three months is more effective than placebo in mastalgia treatment. changes in vitex agnus-castus and nigella sativa group during the study were the same with a lower slope than the placebo group.

in one study, the effects of linum usitatissimum and omega-3 in cyclic mastalgia treatment were compared. in the study of pakgohar et al. the results of the study showed that omega-3 had a more significant effect on periodic mastalgia in comparison to rosa damascena and placebo groups (p ≤ 0.001) [44]. the results showed that the clinical effectiveness of this plant for treating pain and breast congestion was more than placebo [49]. most of the published studies used vitex agnus-castus as a treatment for mastalgia that was effective in many cases. in mirmolaei’s (2015) study, nigella sativa and vitex agnus-castus had similar therapeutic effects for the treatment of periodic pain in the breast.

from fluctuating hormones to breastfeeding, there are many reasons for breasts to become sore or tender. the solution for sore breasts is right in your freezer: frozen vegetables! make sure to cover the bags with a paper towel or clean cloth, so that the bag doesn’t touch the skin directly. the easiest way to do it is in the shower or during a bath, when you can soap them up. you’ll help improve circulation and drainage in the breasts, which will reduce your pain. saturate a clean cloth in castor oil and place it on the sore breast. cover it with another clean, dry cloth and then place a heating pad on top of that. repeat for several days and you’ll soon be feeling much better!

in asian cultures, women have fewer incidences of breast pain, and it’s thought that the soy-rich diet is the reason. in the week or so leading up to your period, cut down on your salt intake as much as possible. as much as you might be tempted by premenstrual cravings, try to wait until your period starts to indulge in salty treats. soap will dry out the nipples, and interestingly enough, the nipples produce their own antiseptic oils, so you’re not slacking on cleanliness. another great tip for breastfeeding moms: after your baby finishes feeding, rub a little of your milk into the sore nipples. as a bonus, the scent it leaves behind will help your baby find your breast faster. bruce lubin and jeanne bossolina-lubin are the proud parents of three boys and more than a dozen books. they have been known to go into their friends’ refrigerators to turn their eggs upside down so that they last longer.

a natural boost for treatment of breast tenderness dandelion is a natural diuretic. take the herb in capsule form, or make a tea using powdered the results of the studies indicated a reduction in the severity of mastalgia using herbs such as nigella sativa, vitex agnus-castus, curcumin, hypericum 9 natural remedies for breast pain cool down rub-a-dub in the tub castor oil more edamame, please magnesium watch the salt rinse cycle., .

flaxseed contains polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and is an excellent home remedy for reducing breast pain. you can consume it as it is by, .

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