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this malignancy is often hard to diagnose during the initial stages and this is the reason why it is important to prevent cervical cancer from developing in the first place. however, several research studies so far have confirmed the role of certain natural herbs for cervical cancer in maintaining the health of the cervix. the following are the 5 most popular herbs for healing cervical cancer that is known to enhance the health of the cervix and prevent the changes in cervical cells that may give rise to cancer in the future. it is well-known for its anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects and the ability to regulate gene expression.

ginger root is known to prevent cancers that show a high level of inflammation and cervical cancer is one of them. these three herbs are a rich source of ursolic acid, which is known to promote anti-inflammatory function in the cells of the body. green tea contains dried herbs and is a rich source of beneficial plant chemicals such as flavonols, phytophagous, and catechins. it helps prevent cancer by curbing inflammation and enhancing immune function. this herb supports the normal immune function and helps prevent cancer by targeting the same pathway most often targeted during chemotherapy treatment.

annual pap smears are important to check for hpv and to monitor the health of your cervix. if you are very prone to utis and seem to get them all the time, i have developed a protocol that can stop this cycle in its tracks. after i got of the pill an started to take a multi vitamin containing a good supply of b vitamins i never had a problem since.that was when i was 19 and now i am 45. i do know some women that had the same problem and continued to have problems with bad pap smears but none would take my advice. i do consider all of the ideas you have presented to your post. hey am also 19 and i did a paper smear test and my diagnosis was high do i need to first do the leep or go with the natural remedies to get heeled thank you kimberly for your advice i will definitely be one of the women who will take your advice. and coz of tht i have been living in constant fear that it is spreadin. i’m up to my (cervix) in natural suppositories, wheatgrass juice, supplements, diet change… i have cin 2 and my dr wants me to do the leep procedure but i know i can cure this naturally. however, the first time i tried to do the procedure it was so painful that i was screaming and it did not happened.

my husband and i are taking it for 8 months to see if we can eradicate the hpv. i really want to cure this stupid thing and not die of it. recently i eent to my obgyn doctor and did a pap smear and the result is ; hpv mrna e/6 e/7 detected. i am 27 and i notice that you give a list of supplements to take. i know there are so many natural things that are out here that can be done to completely heal/cure of this thief and destroyer. doctor told me to do a leep right away but i told the doctor i am not ready for it and i wish to know if there would be any other options which can be treatable then cutting of my cervix till i dont have any. but i have had success with it and it is possible to get rid of the dysplasia and the virus using this method. in this case, is there anything i can do to avoid the leep? i am seeing great suggestions of natural supplements to help, but is it safe to mix selenium, beta caroten and maca root?

natural remedies for cervical cancer. herb #1: curcumin. curcumin, popularly known as turmeric, is a popular asian herb. cut back to one coffee day, green tea daily, multivitmain with folic acid, vit c, cod liver oil, probiotics refrigerated kind, collagen, brocoli folate is a vitamin commonly associated with cervical health. it primarily helps make and repair dna and produce red blood cells (rbcs)., .

herbal remedies include ginseng, gingko and echinacea, and dietary supplements selenium, glucosamine sulfate, and same are considered natural these treatments have been shown to be equally effective at treating early-stage cervical cancer. chemoradiation (a combination of chemotherapy and radiation a hysterectomy takes out the uterus and cervix. it’s the most common way to treat cervical cancer. there are many ways to do this surgery., .

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