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the precise cause of cervical dysplasia is not known. a pap test is also done annually for screening purposes, even in the absence of cervical dysplasia symptoms. however, several studies indicate that the development and progression of cervical dysplasia may be related to certain nutritional deficiencies, including folate, beta-carotene, and vitamin c. medications are not used to treat cervical dysplasia. other studies suggest that taking a beta-carotene supplement may help reduce the signs of cervical dysplasia. the use of herbs is a time-honored approach to strengthening the body and treating disease. fortunately, while the numbers of cervical dysplasia have been on the rise, the numbers of cervical cancer have declined.

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hpv and cervical dysplasia are both treatable and curable through natural means. when hpv is left untreated, as many as one million women each year develop cervical dysplasia, the proliferation of abnormal cells in the cervix. hpv and cervical dysplasia should be treated immediately, with escharotic solution and dietary and lifestyle modifications, to prevent cervical cancer. indeed, hpv and cervical dysplasia chat rooms are flooded with reports of decreased ability to orgasm, decreased clitoral sensitivity, and increased discomfort during sex, following these surgeries. it therefore stands to reason that surgery may actually increase hpv infection, by creating a point of entry for the virus and exposing these vulnerable areas to contamination.

dr. leroy offers natural treatments for hpv and cervical dysplasia, whether mild or severe, with a 91% rate of efficacy in curing hpv and a 99% rate of efficacy in curing cervical dysplasia. topical treatment applies to the cervix an escharotic treatment made of bloodroot and zinc chloride. over the past 20 years, dr. leroy has utilized both treatments simultaneously and, as a result, has cured hpv and cervical dysplasia, from mild to severe, in hundreds of women. dr. leroy successfully has treated hundreds of women with hpv and cervical dysplasia. view “before” and “after” images from dr. leroy’s case studies, to see clearly how escharotic treatment, lifestyle modifications, and a plant-based diet safely and effectively cure hpv and cervical dysplasia case studies. view hpv and cervical dysplasia case studies now.

treatment approach green tea ( camelia sinensis ) extracts as an ointment or pill. in one human study, an extract of green tea reduced cervical dr. leroy offers natural treatments for hpv and cervical dysplasia, whether mild or severe, with a 91% rate of efficacy in curing hpv and a 99% cut back to one coffee day, green tea daily, multivitmain with folic acid, vit c, cod liver oil, probiotics refrigerated kind, collagen, brocoli, .

an escharotic treatment is an alternative naturopathic treatment that is indicated for patients that have moderate to severe cervical dysplasia. this in-office sip on green tea regularly – green tea contains an active compound called egcg. while the research is still a bit mixed, increasing your intake herbal treatments for cervical dysplasia indole-3 carbinol camellia sinensis (green tea) filipendula ulmaria (meadowsweet) escharotic, .

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