chinese herbs for psoriasis

psoriasis vulgaris is a difficult and major disease in the dermatology field. treatment will be based on the diagnosis specifications and clinical practice guidelines of tcm and conventional therapy. the 1-year recurrence rate of psoriasis is as high as 73.7%,[5] and is a key concern for patients with psoriasis. [15] hence understanding tcm for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris is the key to improving the short-term and long-term efficacy of psoriasis vulgaris. study assistants will be responsible for the initial visit and follow-up of each patient. in addition, the cox regression model will be used to adjust the impact of baseline pasi values, course of the disease, and body mass index.

logistic regression analysis will be used to study the relationship between continuous dependent variables and independent variables. adverse events will be listed based on the classification of adverse reactions and unrelated adverse events. the platform meets the clinical needs and is reasonably standardize to facilitate the preservation of original medical records. the long-term efficacy of tcm in treating psoriasis vulgaris through intelligent and information-based data collection and management will then be established and evaluated. treatments will be evaluated for efficacy and actual benefits of tcm for chronic diseases. all authors have contributed to the design and implementation of the study.

the median interval between the initial diagnosis of psoriasis to the first tcm consultation was 12 months. the prevalence rates of psoriasis ranged from 0.7% to 2.9% in europe, 0.7 to 2.6% in the united states [1], and 0.235% in taiwan [2]. in the united states, 2.0% of patients with psoriasis received complementary and alternative medicine (cam) therapy [25]. tcm indications of the chinese herbal formulas and single herbs were based on tcm theory [28, 29]. the majority (54.9%) of the tcm users were female. the average time between onset of psoriasis and the first visit to a tcm clinic was 12.0 months.

we found that approximately 70.4% of the patients with psoriasis visited tcm clinics. regarding the visiting frequency, a majority of the patients used tcm service for more than 6 times, which might be due to the confidence in symptoms relief or effectiveness perceived by users. our network analysis in figure 2 included the top 50 combinations of herbal formulas and herbs for psoriasis patients. mu-dan-pi (cortex moutan; paeonia suffruticosa andrews) was used to clear heat and cool the blood in tcm. second, all patients with psoriasis were included in this study and this nationwide population-based study comprehensively included all the prescriptions for psoriasis patients. second, the severity of psoriasis and efficacy of chm were not available in this database. this study was also supported in part by the taiwan ministry of health and welfare clinical trial and research center of excellence (mohw105-tdu-b-212-133019).

the 11 studies included 54 herbs, of which the eight most used herbs include the following: rhizoma smilacis glabrae (rhizome of smilax glabra the 11 studies included 54 herbs, of which the eight most used herbs include the following: rhizoma smilacis glabrae (rhizome of smilax glabra sheng di huang (radix rehmanniae glutinosae) is one of the most commonly used herbs to treat psoriasis. it clears heat and cools the blood. this herb is the, .

sheng di huang. sheng di huang is the root of the chinese foxglove herb (radix rehmanniae). one of the more common traditional chinese treatments for psoriasis, it is believed to have potent blood-cooling properties and to relieve pain caused by wind dampness (one of the properties that obstruct qi). chinese medicine for psoriasis and diet suggestion barley beans, can cook with soup (clear heat to reduce burning skin; promote urination) the decoction used to treat psoriasis is very rich. shibo wang et al. [56] consulted literatures published in china in recent 20 years on the treatment of psoriasis using traditional chinese medicine (tcm) has a long history. it has been shown to reduce recurrence and have long-term, .

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