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i have had high ldl since my teen years and statins have reduced it from time to time but it jumps right back up after i finish my dosage (used to be on zocar when i was 15, then got switched to lipitor when i was 20). my hdl has always been at a good level according to my pcps. i do eat unhealthy from time to time (like once or twice a month it’ll be at a bbq steakhouse or something like that. i haven’t gone to a fast food place in years for food, only for caffeine or the occasional bagel. high cholesterol in ldl runs in my dad’s side of the family as well as heart problems and defects in general as he was born with a hole in his heart and i have mitral deficiency. the mitral deficiency as well as my asthma make it difficult for me to do cardio at times. i wanted to know if anyone here has taken cholestoff and has it helped reduce ldl cholesterol and if there were any side effects i should worry about.

my triglycerides are going down and my hdl is going up so i really couldn’t care much less about my ldl count really. however, my doctor (who bases his food recommendations on the “pyramid” even in mid-2011) provided me a brochure on plant sterols and stanols. the sterols/stanols work by blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine. clinical research trials have documented safety and effectiveness for use by the entire family. effectiveness has been shown with dosages of 2 to 3 grams plant stanols per day.

other products may be seen on the food market in the future. in order to achieve the needed 2 grams or more of plant stanols per day, a serving size of 2 to 4 tablespoons is needed.” third, anyone have a good reason to avoid sterols/stanols? i have a feeling there is some evidence out there that sterols/stanols cause more damage than they cure. it’s may not be a serious issue since my hdl is up, triglycerides are down and i fully understand that ldl is made up of both good and bad cholesterol and that keto likely doesn’t promote the “bad half” of the ldl equation.

i wanted to know if anyone here has taken cholestoff and has it helped reduce ldl cholesterol and if there were any side effects i should my doctor wants my ldls below 50, however, increasing the lipitor from 10 to 20 to 40 only dropped ldl to 61. i’m sharing results after using it it can and it does but it depends. plant sterols are a great way to lower cholesterol for many folks. worked for me and my cardiologist was, plant sterols reddit, plant sterols reddit, plant sterols keto, niacin.

i’ve been doing research on what to start eating regularly and starting to become more active. i’m finding a lot of dietary supplements hi, cholest-off is pretty expensive. looking for the same load of plant sterols and stanols but a cheaper version. i took it upon myself to start taking a few supplements (cholestoff, megared omega-3, garlic) along with my very low fat diet and exercise., .

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