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the practice of natural colon cleansing, or colonic irrigation, dates back to ancient greece. recently, though, colon cleansing — using teas, enzymes, or colon irrigation — has become more popular. is colon cleansing good for you? there’s no good evidence for most of the claims that its practitioners make. you take some supplements used for colon cleansing by mouth. either way, the idea is to help the colon to expel its contents. you can find these products on the internet or in health food stores, supermarkets, or pharmacies. the first modern colonic machine was invented about 100 years ago. while you lie on a table, a low-pressure pump or a gravity-based reservoir flushes several gallons of water through a small tube inserted into your rectum. then you release the water like a regular bowel movement; the process flushes out the fluids and waste.

the practitioner may use a variety of water pressures and temperatures and may or may not combine water with enzymes, herbs, coffee, or probiotics. one of the main theories behind colon cleansing is an ancient belief called the theory of autointoxication. this is the belief that undigested meat and other foods cause mucus buildup in the colon. on the surface, the idea of toxins being reabsorbed by the body makes some sense. the health claims made by producers of colon cleansing products and colon irrigation practitioners are broad and wide-reaching. the lining of the intestines regenerates itself faster than any other tissue in the body, preventing a buildup of harmful material. increasing the number of bowel movements doesn’t improve weight loss. the government doesn’t regulate natural colon cleansing products, so their potency, safety, and purity can’t be guaranteed. be aware, if the therapist adds a substance to the water during colon irrigation, you run the risk of an allergic reaction. watch what you eat: your food choices — not what you flush through your colon — may have the greatest impact on colon health, lowering your risk of colon cancer and enhancing your overall health. the typical american consumes about 15 grams a day, but you need closer to 25-30 grams.

health & living health center/10 natural remedies for colon cleansing center /10 natural remedies for colon cleansing article a colon cleanse is the act of flushing out or cleaning the large intestine. your colon is also known as your large intestine or large bowel. colon cleansing is usually done to prepare for medical procedures such as a colonoscopy. in colonic irrigation, up to 60 liters of fluid is pumped through your rectum via a tube. this is not like an enema, which runs a much smaller amount of fluid one time into your colon. a colon cleanse is also not the same as a colonoscopy. this contains a tiny camera so your doctor can see the inside of your colon. the fda and federal trade commission say that some colon cleansers are not safe for you.

some products have potentially harmful or illegal ingredients. if equipment isn’t sterilized properly, infections can pass from patient to patient. the fda hasn’t approved any devices for non-medical colon cleansing. toxins can get into your body when you breathe, eat, drink, or through your skin. your gastrointestinal system needs beneficial bacteria for digestion. if you’re still interested in doing a colon cleanse, talk to your doctor about it. this is important if you have any health conditions or take medications. medicinenet does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

there are two main colon-cleansing methods. you can buy products or you can see a doctor to have a colon irrigation. colon cleansing with water flush: drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is the simplest way to regulate digestion. saltwater flush: high-fiber diet: lemon water and honey apple cider vinegar is loaded with antibiotic and antioxidant properties that help with both cleansing and maintaining a healthy colon and gut., how to clean your stomach and intestines naturally, overnight colon cleanse, overnight colon cleanse, what comes out during a colon cleanse, how to clean out bowels quickly.

using water is one of the easiest and safest ways to cleanse the colon naturally. water moistens stool and gives it bulk, facilitating its when it comes to colon cleansing apple juice is one of the best natural remedies there are. apple juice helps make your bowel movements regular, fiber is excellent for keeping your bowels healthy and cleansing the colon by eliminating waste out of our body. you can include grains such as, 1 day colon cleanse, best colon cleanse, colon cleanse weight loss results, colon cleanse pills. 7 ways to do a natural colon cleanse at homehydration. drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is a great way to regulate digestion. saltwater flush. you can also try a saltwater flush. high fiber diet. juices and smoothies. juice fast. more resistant starches. probiotics. herbal teas.

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