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the root of the dandelion is rich in the carbohydrate inulin, a type of soluble fiber found in plants that supports the growth and maintenance of healthy gut bacteria in your digestive tract (2). dandelion contains bioactive compounds that have been shown to reduce blood sugar in animal and test-tube studies. some animal studies indicate that dandelion reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but research in humans is needed. other animal studies have shown that dandelion extract may reduce levels of excess fat stored in the liver and safeguard against oxidative stress (4, 17). one older animal study found a significant increase in the rates of stomach contractions and stomach emptying in rats treated with dandelion extract (25).

however, recent research on the effects of dandelion on skin health is lacking, and studies are limited to test tubes and animals. additionally, some research suggests that the antioxidants in dandelion and other greens play a key role in bone health and protect against bone loss by decreasing oxidative stress (41, 42). according to an older review, dandelion may also interact with medications, including certain types of antibiotics, anticoagulants, and blood sugar drugs. its main ingredient may be the arch nemesis of a yard-savvy homeowner, but dandelion tea boasts a number of health benefits. today, it’s being added to more food products because of its benefits and adaptability.

our dandelion root is organically cultivated in the united states. * dandelion is a sunny, subtle, yet incredible plant that has been used for thousands of years in traditional chinese medicine and is mentioned in traditional arabian medicine in the tenth century. it is native to most of europe, asia, and northern africa, naturalized all over the world, and commonly found growing alongside roads and in lawns as a common weed. pharmacopeial grade dandelion leaf is composed of the dried leaves collected before flowering and the root collected in autumn or whenever its inulin content is the highest. in the united states, various indigenous cultures considered dandelion to be a prized edible, a gastrointestinal aid, a cleansing alterative, and a helpful poultice or compress.

it is interesting to note that dandelion was used by the iroquois as well. according to tcm, dandelion clears heat from the liver and has a beneficial effect on the stomach and lungs, and it can uplift the mood and support lactation. dandelion root’s benefit to the digestive tract is twofold as it contains inulin and is also a bitter digestive tonic which tones the digestive system and stimulates the appetite. these leaves can also be steamed like spinach (although they take a little longer to cook than spinach) and spiced with salt, pepper, and butter. fill in your email below to request a new password.

dandelion leaves, stems, and flowers are often consumed in their natural state and can be eaten cooked or raw. the root is usually dried, ground, and used as a dandelion is a treasured botanical with a long history of use in traditional herbal practices worldwide. this perennial herb has a sunny flower head that is celebrating the connection between plants and people for health, healing, and happiness through deep-dive classes since 1987., .

fresh or dried dandelion herb is also used as a mild appetite stimulant, and to improve upset stomach. the root of the dandelion plant may act as a mild laxative and has been used to improve digestion. preliminary research suggests that dandelion may help improve liver and gallbladder function. dandelion (taraxacum officinale) is an herb native to europe. the leaf, flower, and root have been used for various infections, but with little evidence. in traditional chinese medicine as well as european herbal medicine dandelion was and still is used to support the liver and gall bladder, dandelion (taraxacum officinale ) is a plant related to the daisy family. it is often thought of as a weed, but you can enjoy its roots,, .

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