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below are the 10 most popular herbs and supplements for people with diabetes—but be sure to talk to your doctor before trying any of these. the aptly named bitter melon is thought to help cells use glucose more effectively and block sugar absorption in the intestine. a study in the journal of ethnopharmacology compared bitter melon to a diabetes drug and found that it did reduce fructosamine in people with type 2 diabetes. the ripe fruit of this cactus has been shown in some small studies, including a 2017 animal study published in evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine, that found the fruit to lower blood sugar ­levels in diabetic rats.

however, a review of research published in 2016 in the oxford academic nutrition reviews suggests that the evidence supporting the benefits of chromium supplements for type 2 diabetes is mixed. these antioxidants, called anthocyanins, may help prevent damage to tiny blood vessels that can result in nerve pain and retinopathy (damage to the eye’s retina). a 2015 study published in the canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology found that ala helps both in the prevention and in the treatment of diabetes. a team of researchers from the university of toronto has repeatedly shown that ginseng capsules lower blood glucose compared to placebo pills in people with type 2 diabetes.

doing ginseng justice. one herb touted for diabetes got a boost recently from a canadian clinical trial. fenugreek findings. meanwhile, other scientists are the best herbal supplements for type 2 diabetes curcumin. the compound curcumin, which is found in the spice tumeric, has been shown to both lifeseasons – glucose stabili-t – natural blood support supplement – with cinnamon, fenugreek, and chromium polynicotinate – 90 capsules., .

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