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as you can imagine we are all devastated, it’s such a heart breaking time, no words can describe the pain i’m feeling right now! my dad is due to start radio and chemotherapy next week but this is purely for symptom management and not cure (surgery wasn’t an option unfortunately which we are absolutely gutted by! ) we have recently bought cbd oil and zeolite to try and beat the odds of what my dad has been given and improve some of his symptoms. i’m just wondering if anyone has any positive experiences with cbd oil or zeolite? any positivity no matter how big or small would be so appreciated and welcomed! it’s understandable you want to try and do whatever you can for your dad but many alternative therapies may interfere with the radiotherapy/chemotherapy and possibly cause side effects as well. zeolites also have antioxidant effects and may interfere with the actions of chemo drugs.

cbd oil can be sold in the uk as a food supplement but not as a medicine. my mum has a stage 4 glioblastoma and has been given a similar life expectancy as your dad, she is also due to start chemo / radiotherapy soon to manage symptoms, no cure. if you would like to chat please get in touch. i started using cbd oil as a pain killer after meds and injections from dr didn’t help my bad knees it worked wonders, but didn’t do anything for my cancer i’m on palliative care, remember as long as oncologist says use do,. heard so many positive things about people having great success with natural remedies, but don’t know where to start. it seems many individuals are having success with cbd oil that contains thc. sadly, the cbd oil that is available in the u.k. doesn’t contain the thc.

glioblastoma multiforme is one of the most deadly malignant tumors, with more than 10,000 cases recorded annually in the united states. the cellular oxidation/reduction shifts to oxidative stress when the regulation mechanisms of antioxidants are surpassed, and this raises the ability to damage cellular lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids.

this review is focused on how phytochemicals play crucial role against glioblastoma multiforme and to combat these, bioactive molecules and their derivatives are either used alone, in combination with anticancer drugs or as nanomedicine formulations for better cancer theranostics over the conventional approach. however, incorporating them into the nanocarrier-based drug delivery for the treatment of gbms, which could be a promising therapeutic strategy for this tumor entity, increasing targeting effectiveness, increasing bioavailability, and reducing side effects with this target-specificity, drug internalization into cells is significantly improved, and off-target organ aggregation is reduced.

the phytotherapy involved five types of herbal medicine which the subjects took in the form of tea, each type once a day at regular intervals. oridonin is diterpenoid compound extracted from the chinese herbal medicinal plant rabdosia rubescens. oridonin was found to have zeolites have not been studied as a cancer drug in human clinical trials and zeolite supplements have not been approved as safe or effective., healed from glioblastoma, healed from glioblastoma, glioblastoma homeopathic treatment, how i cured my brain cancer, best glioblastoma treatment in the world.

rationale: giving the herb boswellia serrata after surgery and radiation therapy may slow the growth of any remaining tumor cells. it is not yet known whether using genetically engineered mouse models and high-throughput screening technologies, msk researchers have found a surprising new approach for boswellic acid (ba), a resinous gum extract of boswellia serrata and boswellia carteri, another boswellia species [114], also named 3-o-acetyl-11-keto-β-, how to beat brain cancer naturally, glioblastoma new treatment 2020.

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