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experimentally induced diabetic rats were fed with diet containing tc at 2·5 and 5 % levels and the effect of it on kidney cs/ds was examined. apart from insulin and drugs, diet and exercise are known to play an important role in the management of diabetes. the rats were fed with an american institute of nutrition (ain)-76 diet(, 23 ) and had free access to food and water. kidney index (ki) was measured by using the formula: creatinine clearance was used to measure the gfr levels in control, diabetic and tc-fed rats. the hybrid structure of purified cs/ds from sfc, sfd and tfd groups was determined by digesting with 10 miu of chondroitinase abc or 2 miu of chondroitinase ac at 37°c or 2 miu of chondroitinase b at 30°c for 1 h in a total volume of 20 µl(, 34 ). the purified cs/ds (10 µg as sulphated gag) from control, diabetic and tc-fed groups was loaded separately onto the column and eluted with 0·2 m-ammonium acetate buffer at a flow rate of 0·3 ml/min. specificity of binding was ascertained by digesting cs/ds with the enzyme chondroitinase abc after immobilising them.

the decreased content of e units (25 % compared with sfc), which is characterised by sulphation at 4-o and 6-o positions of galnac residues in cs/ds from diabetic rat kidney was modulated in the 5 % tc-fed group. the average molecular weight of purified cs/ds from rat kidney of control animals was found to be 38 kda and it was decreased to 29 kda in diabetic rat kidney (fig. tc-feeding also contained the decreased synthesis of sulphated gag and cs/ds in kidney. wild blueberry consumption was shown to affect composition and structure of gag in rat aorta which gives credence to the fact that nutraceuticals can influence gag metabolism(, 50 ). the decreased binding was ameliorated in cs/ds from kidneys of 5 % tc-fed rats. sulfated glycosaminoglycans (gag) in the kidney of control, diabetic and tinospora cordifolia (tc)-fed diabetic rats. molecular weight of the purified cs/ds from kidney was determined by gel filtration chromatography on a column of superdex 200, calibrated with known molecular mass markers as detailed in experimental methods. purified cs/ds from the kidney of control, diabetic and tinospora cordifolia (tc)-treated rats was immobilised in a ninety-six-well plate with prior coating of poly-l-lysine as detailed in experimental methods.

it is a well known immuno-modulator herb used in the correction of auto-immunity. guduchi dose for 1 year oldif it is guduchi powder -500 mg of powder -2 times a day, mixed along with a teaspoon of honey -once or twice a day, after food is the dose. it is a very good herb for diabetes. if both ayurvedic and allopathic medicines are advised together, then it is best to take allopathic medicine first, wait for 30 minutes and then take the ayurvedic medicine. but it cannot be assured that the patient will be able to completely avoid insulin, with the use of giloy.guduchi kashayam remedy for gout does guduchi help in fighting off a viral attack, and also help with weakness/pain?

it is a common practice to take guduchi powder or decoction when there is a threat of any communicable disease, especially involving fever. in ancient india, it was a common part of daily routine to have kadha, especially during the time of fever and respiratory illnesses. guduchi is one of the rasayana herbs, as explained by master charaka. this – half a cup is good for one adult person, per day. i have local ayurveda doctor and he has given some medicine for kidney problem, i am allergic to some of the composition in it and get pigment problem on my face. he goes motions for three times and has reflux acid problem.he is taking ayurvedic giloy beneficial for him.

the focus of this study has been to examine the effect of tinospora cordifolia (tc) consumption, a potent plant widely used to treat diabetes, on kidney cs/ds. guduchi – giloy is a famous ayurvedic herb, used extensively in the treatment for fever, diabetes, urinary tract disorder, anemia, jaundice, guduchi powder benefits/ guduchi uses in kidney & liver function are precious the botanical name of guduchi is tinospora cordifolia while its common name is, guduchi benefits and side effects, guduchi benefits and side effects, guduchi side effects, guduchi benefits, guduchi vs giloy.

guduchi, also known as amrita, is an important herb in the ayurvedic system of medicine, appearing in almost all of the major classical texts. see how guduchi ayurvedic medicine has been effective for success treatment for a case of lupus and chronic kidney disease.: casestudy. the health promoting powers of guduchi, or tinospora cordifolia, offer such a wide range of benefits that the plant has long been associated with the, guduchi uses, guduchi dosage.

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