healing cervical dysplasia naturally

what is cervical dysplasia – cervical dysplasia refers to abnormal changes in the cells on the surface of the cervix that are seen underneath a microscope. with the recent attention to the hpv cause of cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer and the limitations of the hpv vaccine, it is reassuring for women to know that they have treatment options. it is, therefore, suggested that there are multiple factors contributing to the progression of the disease. by treating nutrient deficiencies and supporting the immune system dysplastic lesion can regress. an escharotic treatment is an alternative naturopathic treatment that is indicated for patients that have moderate to severe cervical dysplasia. these are specific botanicals and minerals that are used to target the abnormally growing cells and cause the cells to die off. this lessens the risk of scarring and damage to the cervix and also make the procedure more efficient than treatments involving the removal of cervical tissue. in conjunction with the topical treatments, suppositories, supplements, and dietary changes are prescribed as part of the treatment protocol.

for milder cases of cervical dysplasia, only suppositories, supplements, and dietary changes are used. this is mostly recommended for low grade cervical dysplasia that persist or in older patients. she is accepting new patients and has free health lectures monthly. you can find more information about dr. grobe at www.trueharmonywellness.com the holiday season brings with it intense travel, crowded shops and festive social events. taking care of your health is a very important thing, especially if you care for others and want to be around for your family in the long-term. it’s not something that will come to us quickly, but if we put in the work and live a healthy lifestyle, it can be attained with time. many inspiring quotes about health and life help motivate people to g naturopaths are healthcare providers who focus on natural, holistic treatments for their patients. if you are an expectant mom, you need to learn all there is to know about the various medical interventions involved in giving birth.

one of my girlfriends had just been diagnosed with hpv and mild cervical dysplasia and i wanted to make sure everything was good in that department. so i went back in for a colposcopy (an exam to more closely examine the cervix) and biopsy. at least i wouldn’t have to take off work again and wait for another appointment. i managed to calm down, get dressed and walk to my car. in total, i sat in my car crying for an hour and a half. i guess it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise when she not only told me she was going to “scrape” cells off of my cervix, but that she was not gentle when she did. this is when the cin issue came up and she told me what i already knew: that i needed to get a pap immediately. the pap itself was quick and i barely felt a thing. i’m proud of myself for taking a stand against aggressive doctors at the ripe ol’ age of 23 and telling them i was going to handle it on my own. i want to talk about it with you. i work with people to help them improve their diet and lifestyle. so i still am waiting it out taking a natural approach to regress it and rid the dysphasia. of course i’m freaking out and it reminds me of all the stress i went through years ago with the first experience. i’ve had this issue for the past couple of years and i want to try and heal this naturally myself. labor and delivery was very difficult, but i did it 100% naturally this time! i typically recommend (and have seen) 800-1200mg of folate as a pre and during pregnancy supplement, but this is the first i’m hearing to take it with b12. i still think i have hpv, but i’ve started using homemade vaginal suppositories with a variety of essential oils, and i will start adding betaglucan to my regimen. my cin 3 regressed to cin 1 when i refused the leep and took time to treat my body right. i had one done last month (june) and it came back abnormal and they wanted me to come in for a colposcopy and possibly a biopsy but i cancelled the apt and told them that i was going to wait until next year for my next pap. he did the procedure anyway so now i have to go back in 6 months for a pap test and see what that says but i have wondered if the supplements had something to do with healing it. i feel i may break down and get scared and go for one of the procedures they want you to get. i know they would pressure me how they did to you and i really cant handle that kind of pressure. everything looked fine and i was so relieved. i cannot express to you how pissed i am that she leaves a vague voice mail with my “results” 5 minutes before she leaves for the day. unfortunately that did not happen and 3 months after the birth of my second child, i was scheduled for the procedure. i hope that ii have cleared it from my system as well, i am getting my hpv and pap results in the beginning of august. i have the leep scheduled but i really really do not want to have it done. this is so stressful and i am happy to read that i am not the only one that wants to try and cure it on my own. he said that given my age (25) and the fact that i have not yet had children, he was hesitant but willing to do more of a wait-and-see. i just wanted to thank you for this article. while i was still exposed and with legs in stirrups, i said to him “erm….am i allowed to refuse the treatment? i was about to cave in and have the treatment, however i was about to get married, and figured it would ruin our wedding and honeymoon! i am trying to treat it as cervical cancer before my colopscopy in a few weeks. i was planning to have children in the next 2 years, but now i am not sure if that is even going to be possible for me. the doctor told me i may need to have a biopsy done and for sure i needed to get paps every 3 months to check on my inflammed cervix. she left the room and i sent a text message to my husband. basically said i have cin2, that it is serious and this shouldnt be ignored. i have my leep scheduled for this friday, but i really dont want to get it done. this was very helpful to me and i needed to leave a comment to thank you for writing it. btw, i was diagnosed with cin 1 and have to follow up with another pap in 6 months. i had a colposcopy done (horrifying experience, like you experience this doc was not gentle at all) and everything seemed to be ok with the biopsy they took. well…my husband and i were going to start trying for a baby in august so he said to give it a few months and if we didn’t get pregnant, he would do the procedure. i am so ready for my body to heal itself and am definitely heading your advice. as of now, it is scheduled in 9 days from now, however, i have recently had a change of heart, and am contacting my doctor about postponing. i am a firm believer in the healing power of nutrition and i would very much like to avoid cryosurgery or leep. i refuse to let this get the best of me so i’ll do everything in my power to get healthy and suppress this virus. reading your story has reinvigorated me and made me feel like i have a chance to heal it after all. i also believe, just like you, that we ourselves can heal our bodies if we just stop and think for a minute about what we’re really doing to them. my husband and i had switched to a paleo type diet. i went in for the pap and received a call a couple weeks later saying i needed to come back in for a colposcopy. i am glad to have a doctor who is looking out for my best interest and not just shoving the surgery down my throat. so, i had to follow up and get a colposcopy. after long research of reading and praying to god, i had to let the doctor know that i would wait for 6months and that i’m not in a hurry to do the surgery. i declare to my body everyday that i don’t have hvp and i dont have mild cervical dysplasia. not something you just spill out to all of your family and friends so i have been feeling alone about the matter, but this post was a blessing! i don’t have a good feeling in my stomach. it terrified me to think that maybe in the future i could have cancer? knowing all of this, and going through that, i wanted to badly to think that i could do the same thing with my recently diagnoses of lsil. my colposcopy is scheduled for june 16- a month after they called me to tell me the results so i get to freak out for a month too! young and confused i can’t tell you what to do but that seems very odd to me. is there something i can do to lessen the amount of discharge or is this just a symptom? my leep is scheduled for june 7th, but after doing the research i want to try and beat this myself. i did my research on cryotherapy and it didn’t look such an aggressive treatment so i went for it. now comes the time to take on a similar situation, and trust that my body has the wisdom to heal so long as i give it what it needs. have always had heavy periods and been requesting a hysterectomy for months because of that. my pap came back with abnormal cells and she recommended i see a gynecologist for further review. i made my appointment and before i new it i was having a biopsy done! im kind of at a loss but i’m going to start doing the imagining it healthy because i always forget. i too am a spiritual person and believe in my body’s ability to heal itself. i was told again and again that when you get to be my age your body has a more difficult time getting rid of the hpv virus. i was not much of a cook and having 2 kids to look after that weren’t eating what i was eating had me in the kitchen all the time, but i thought of this as a lesson from the universe to learn to love my body and care about what i put into it. i kept up all the good vibes for my health and today i got the call that i am hpv negative!

i had really bad cramping after for a few hours and my brother had to drive me home. ( years ago) i had not been taking very good care of myself the few months before my pap and i truly believe that had a lot to do with it! i see the supplements you have listed and i am hoping to see if my nurse practitioner will ok them for during pregnancy. i was going to do the same attempt at a natural approach and just back in about 6 months for another pap. relieved that it wasn’t cin2 or 3, and still in shock from the whole ordeal, i was hardly in the right state of mind to question my doctor any further. i just really want to thank you for making this post because it really gave me hope and it worked! i really feel like i need support though and i am reaching out for a circle of women to stand with me. i was referred to a specialist for my second colpo. and i just got the results from my first post-leep pap…not the worst but not what i wanted of have been working for. my ob-gyn retested me for high-risk hpv which was positive for hpv 16 and these hpv test results were given to me while i was still in the hospital, right after my son was born. so my husband and i researched and started on a regimen. it makes such a difference to see that i am not alone. the gyno at the colposcopy kept on telling me that if the results were again papiv, i would have to get the operation. i read for hours on the internet and decided to trust my body and do what felt right. the leep just seems so invasive and i very much so want to be able to have children. the only good thing about the doctor i am seeing now is she does not push for leep unless it were to get worse, and so she likes to monitor, which is fine. and to be totally honest, i didn’t feel a thing. i first found this blog last year and have bookmarked it to read it often for encouragement. in 2015 i had my first abnormal pap that was cin2 and a few months later had a colposcopy that came back normal, they kept saying it was hpv but i asked if i was tested for it and they said no but that i had it because of the abnormal pap. needless to say i was a mess this afternoon and i don’t know what to do! i am going to try this natural route for a little and see what happens thank you for your story. i met with the doctor and explained my concerns relating to the error. in one case i was lucky enough to have a completely normal pap smear on the first repeat. 6 months later i went to see my colposcopist for a follow up and examination revealed no abnormalities and hpv was not present. but as of right now, i will take advantage of my youth and healthy lifestyle to really see a change in my cervical dysplasia for good instead of relying on the modern medical world to solve it. i admire your tenacity and strength and hope to follow suit! i have an appointment with a holistic doctor next week and will inquire about the supplements you mention as well. my reasoning also included that i used cervical fluid and basal body temping for birth control. i had a miscarriage prior to the procedure and when i did have to have the leep i had to have it under general anesthetic. i am still in a state of a shock, and disbelief. i guess i have to wait a few weeks, again, and then go back for a pap to see what’s going on. i look at her with a question on my face and she apologizes and mutters something about it being friday. i tell her there is absolutely zero chance that i’m pregnant and i’m told i still have to sign the consent form anyway and urinate in a cup. reading your posts & comments give me hope for the choice i made in waiting on the surgery and naturally trying to heal my body on its own. i hope you continue to have good results and i thank you for sharing your story. she took a biopsy and went to take another, but i said i didn’t want to, to which she wait one would be okay anyway. just done on thursday, so i wait but in the meantime i will not sit back and just wait to roll over and hand over all my womanly insides! after reading your story i have made my list and am headed to natural grocers. i don’t have the healthiest relationship with alcohol and coffee, and am trying to identify the root of the issues. i am going to change my diet immediately and take the supplements you did and pray it helps this lesion. i have signed up for your newsletter, and look forward to delighting in hearing more from you. i’m 56 and in all of my life, i have never had one abnormal pap. i have been doing research on what to take and how to fix this but i’m afraid i won’t be able to do it all on my own. when i had my pap the doctor commented that i was a bit inflamed and there was some blood, which i’ve heard before but pap would still come back normal so i wasn’t too worried. i left in a daze and cried in my car. i was told to go enjoy the wedding and then schedule for the follow up with a colposcopy. i am trying to stay on a healthy diet and exercise plan and hope to clear the cin altogether. i had a brief checkup after my surgery and the doctor said i was good to go. i am hoping that is step 1 in helping to heal and assistant with nutrient absorption. i hope that i have the time and opportunity to change my diet and lifestyle and for the cin 1 to regress eventually. i just had a gut feeling that it wasn’t the right time for that procedure and i found a more holistic doctor that did say it’s not unheard of to have people reverse it, though it is rare. i was not mentally prepared for that and asked if we could just to the biopsy. i am scared and worried for my baby in my womb. my previous doc was out of town, i found out in the exam room. to summarize, i had a pap in 2015 with abnormalities and had a colposcopy (totally horrible experience). never expected to then get a call a week later that i now had high-grade abnormalities and needed to return immediately for another colposcopy. i have done a lot of mindfulness meditation and energy work to heal my heart and emotions from that. i was diagnosed with hsil and was told to immediately book for the leep surgery by my trusted gyno for the last 6 years. when we went to see our health care provider i was so upset that i cried when he came in and told him almost before he could get into the room that i didn’t care if i got cancer or not that i was not going to have my body dissected like some frog in a lab, he told me that he did not tell his nurse to make the appointment, that she did it all on her own and that he and that he had got none to her for it. the specialist that i saw made me feel like i was insignificant like my feelings and my wants and my needs did not matter to him. but will see… i am my partners first relationship so it makes me really sad and feelings dirty that i am the responsible for this and may actually impact a lot on my partners life as well. so i’m on the side that naturals worked and with god, i have pushed it back. i am very happy you’re healthy, but you did not cure it and that of itself is a lie. i was diagnosed with cin-ii and i was being pressured by my dr. to get the leep, but i kept resisting. i have a master’s degree in nutrition and heavily researched what to do to help my cervix heal on its own, and it worked! i also put 1 gram of matcha in my smoothies every day for a month. i want to do what you did and try a cleanse to heal it and go back for another pap in 6 months. i had hpv/dysplasia high grade, the dr was not hopeful and encouraged a hysterectomy. i had a biopsy that still had abnormal cells transecting the margins and want to do a wider excision. yesterday i processed a lot of the shock and emotion. i thought i had it under control and it was at a safe place. i’m terrified of this procedure- and of not being able to permanently shake the hpv, having cin continue to return to the point they want me to have a hysterectomy.

cut back to one coffee day, green tea daily, multivitmain with folic acid, vit c, cod liver oil, probiotics refrigerated kind, collagen, brocoli how i healed myself naturally: cervical dysplasia cin 3 (high grade). 435,378 views sweat it to shred it ebook fitness guides!! dr. leroy offers natural treatments for hpv and cervical dysplasia, whether mild or severe, with a 91% rate of efficacy in curing hpv and a 99%, .

up the intake of cruciferous vegetables – research looking at the intake of dim (a compound rich in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts) indicates that increased intake over a 12 week period can decrease the grade and severity of cervical dysplasia on pap smear and colposcopic assessment. studies have shown that specific dietary changes, supplementation, and topical (escharotic) treatments can improve lesion status and prevent cervical cancer. i did this for five days. three drops of frankincense diluted with coconut oil around my pelvic bone, on top of my cervix (lower abdomen) the mushroom extract: specifically ahcc and coriolus are known for their antiviral, immune boosting properties that help to fight off all viruses,, . some lifestyle modifications may also help prevent the development of cervical dysplasia, including:practicing safe sex.not smoking.eating a diet rich in beta-carotene, vitamin c, and folate (vitamin b9) from fruits and vegetables.

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