herbal cure for prostate cancer

herein, we review the functions of chinese medicines in prostate cancer and focus on their mechanisms. a number of clinical trials have shown that traditional chinese medicines play a definite role in the protection against prostate cancer and will be used in clinical treatment of prostate cancer in the future. many scientists in china today are devoted to the quality control of chinese medicines. is a type of mushroom and has been used as a home remedy for the general promotion of health and longevity in traditional chinese medicines [27]. hexane extracts of s. lappa inhibited the basal and epidermal growth factor (egf)-induced migration of prostate cancer du145 and tramp-c2 cells in a dose-dependent manner (1–4 μg/ml), whereas they did not influence the viability of these cancer cells. the viability of pc-3 and lncap human prostate cancer cells was decreased when the cells were treated with honokiol (20–60 μm). egfr-related signal pathways are involved in iso-induced cell growth inhibition and apoptosis in pca cells, suggesting the application potential of iso in prostate cancer treatment.

an in vivo study confirmed that repressing the overexpression of mir-372 by 2 mg/kg/day of as4s4 for 3 weeks could inhibit the proliferation and migration of prostate cancer cells [74]. triptolide could inhibit the proliferation of rm-1 cells in mice by decreasing the expression of bcl-2 and increasing the expression of caspase 3 at a dose of 10 and 20 ng/ml [83]. found that curcumin could suppress prostate cancer by reducing the function of the psa promoter and inhibiting psa and ar protein expression in lncap cells [87]. in addition, the extracts of s. baicalensis and w. chinensis inhibit both androgen-dependent and androgen-independent prostate cancer cells. the extracts and compounds of chinese medicines mainly produce the anti-prostate effect in the following ways. in the near future, a research cooperation network for the study of chinese medicines as anti-prostate cancer agents will be established to impel the use of chinese medicines in the treatment of prostate cancer. 2laboratory of zhuang medicine prescriptions basis and application research, guangxi university of chinese medicine, 179 mingxiudong road, xixiangtang district, nanning 530001, china

prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in american men. for many men, the standard treatments for prostate cancer – radiation, chemotherapy, prostatectomy, hormone therapy, etc.

research and clinical trials are investigating whether natural, alternative remedies, such as herbs and diet changes, might help prevent prostate cancer’s progression. please note: some alternative therapies aren’t research-based and haven’t been proven to be effective or safe in treating cancer. while some alternative approaches – such as drinking pomegranate juice, eating a healthy diet and getting massages – certainly won’t hurt (and may help), discuss any alternative therapies with your medical team to ensure there are no conflicts with, or risks to, your prostate cancer treatment.

curcumin is a well-known natural compound of curcuminoids. yang et al. found that curcumin could suppress prostate cancer by reducing the natural approach to prostate cancer prevention 1) lycopene 2) vitamin d 3) omega-3 fatty acids 4) green tea. pomegranate ( punica granatum ). in one study, men who had surgery or radiation to treat prostate cancer that had not spread, and who drank 8 oz. of pomegranate, .

exploring alternative therapies for prostate cancer saw palmetto pygeum (african plum extract) pomegranate juice diet meditation, yoga, and one of the most publicized studies on supplements and prostate cancer is the select (selenium and vitamin e cancer prevention trial) study, herbal extracts for prostate cancer zi-shen pill (zsp) stinging nettle cernilton babassu pygeum (african plum)., .

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