herbal medicine for cervical cancer

this malignancy is often hard to diagnose during the initial stages and this is the reason why it is important to prevent cervical cancer from developing in the first place. however, several research studies so far have confirmed the role of certain natural herbs for cervical cancer in maintaining the health of the cervix. the following are the 5 most popular herbs for healing cervical cancer that is known to enhance the health of the cervix and prevent the changes in cervical cells that may give rise to cancer in the future. it is well-known for its anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects and the ability to regulate gene expression.

ginger root is known to prevent cancers that show a high level of inflammation and cervical cancer is one of them. these three herbs are a rich source of ursolic acid, which is known to promote anti-inflammatory function in the cells of the body. green tea contains dried herbs and is a rich source of beneficial plant chemicals such as flavonols, phytophagous, and catechins. it helps prevent cancer by curbing inflammation and enhancing immune function. this herb supports the normal immune function and helps prevent cancer by targeting the same pathway most often targeted during chemotherapy treatment.

reviewed the efficacy and safety of astragalus-containing chm combined with ct for patients with colorectal cancer and their results show that astragalus-containing chm combined with ct is more effective than ct alone (lin et al., 2019). this study aimed to investigate the effect of astragalus-containing chm combined with ct on tumor response, quality of life, and reduction of side effects in patients with cervical cancer. the improved or stable performance status of cervical cancer patients was examined according to the kps, in which 100 refers to a normal patient without any complaints, 70 refers to a patient unable to carry on normal activity, 50 refers to a patient who requires considerable assistance, 40 refers to a disabled patient, and 30 refers to a hospitalization-recommended patient (zhu et al., 2016). all included studies were conducted in china and published in chinese between 2014 and 2020. a total of 19 studies with 1,649 patients were analyzed; 827 patients were in the astragalus-containing chm combined with ct group, and the other 822 patients were in the ct alone group. figure 5. forest plot of nausea and vomiting of astragalus-containing chm combined with ct vs. ct alone. to our knowledge, this is the first systematic review and meta-analysis of rcts on the efficacy of astragalus-containing chm in cervical cancer. allocation concealment and blinding were not reported in any of the included rcts. in conclusion, the results of our systematic review and meta-analysis provide evidence of the efficacy of astragalus-containing chm in the treatment of cervical cancer. effect of synergism and attenuation of guizhifuling decoction in patients with advanced cervical cancer treated with chemotherapy. efficacy analysis of self-designed qingganlishi decoction in the treatment of cervical cancer patients with chemotherapy.

in vitro and in vivo anti-cancer activity of formononetin on human cervical cancer cell line hela. the impact of the fuzhengpeiben decoction on immune function and quality of life in patients with cervical cancer. meta-analysis of astragalus-containing traditional chinese medicine combined with chemotherapy for colorectal cancer: efficacy and safety to tumor response. clinical efficacy and safety analysis of fuzhengguben decoction combined with chemotherapy for cervical cancer. effect of fuzhengguben decoction on the levels of scc-ag and tsgf in patients with cervical cancer. effect of modified renshen yangrong tang combined with chemotherapy on serum tumor markers and th1/th2-type cytokines expression in cervical cancer patients. external application of traditional chinese medicine in the treatment of bone cancer pain: a meta-analysis. clinical analysis of sanxian baogong decoction combined with cisplatin and paclitaxel in treatment of advanced cervical cancer. shenqifuzheng injection combined with chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. effects of fuzheng yiliu decoction combined with chemotherapy on the levels of t cell subsets, serum tumor markers expression and survival rate in patients with middle and advanced cervical cancer. clinical efficacy of self-made qinggan lishi decoction in the treatment of patients with cervical cancer chemotherapy.

natural remedies for cervical cancer herb #1: curcumin. curcumin, popularly known as turmeric, is a popular asian herb. herb #2: ginger root. due to its efficacy and low toxicity, chinese herbal medicine (chm) has been widely used in cancer treatment for many years. of particular chelidonium majus, commonly known as greater celandine, has been shown to contain several isoquinoline alkaloids, such as sanguinarine,, related conditions, related conditions.

studies show that herbal medicines, including taxol, camptothecin and combretastatins, have been shown to be effective in treating cervical cancer [24,25,26]. here are 16 herbs, spices and foods that promote a healthy cervix tumeric/curcumin (rz. green tea/ecgc (camelia sinensis) studies have shown that increased chinese herbal medicines with therapeutic targeting, such as those that interfere with tumor growth and progression in cervical cancer, have been widely in conclusion, triphala had great promise for treating cervical cancers. the level of rsu1 and gapdh were increased in caski and siha cells by, .

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