herbal remedy for high prolactin

for mildly elevated prolactin in the range of 300 miu/l to 500 miu/l, consider the following natural treatments including vitex. please what drugs or what do i do to control my prolactin level of 71.6 (ng/ml) as shown in the test result i did in december 2020. thanks for your help as i wait your helpful response. i usually get blood tests during my period and my prolactin was always high during these days. i’m breastfeeding and so it follows that my prolactin levels are high, and i don’t want to lower them because my milk supply will drop. i have been diagnosed more than 20 yrs ago with prolactinoma and was on the dostinex for couple of years until i decided to stop it because it gave me many side effects. at 41 yrs i had mildly high prolactin diagnosis it was always below 80 ug/l and have been on and off dostinex.

i don’t know what the cause of the high prolactin was but i think stress could be a factor and i think i still have high levels. it’s obviously a rather worrying situation for my health and i have been off medication in isolation while i was exploring accupuncture. i have a very good diet to make sure i am doing the best i can for myself in this situation but i dont know whether to carry on with hrt or come off it. hi dr briden, i am 43 almost 44 and i would like to have another baby but my prolactin seems to be raised most times. the next step is a brain scan if they think i need one but the hospital are using locums who keep leaving so i’ve been waiting for months. i was tested for high prolactin twice. x in february when i went for my routine check, my prolactin was high and my fsh too.

prolactinoma is one of a common hormone producing tumor that occurs in the pituitary gland of the body. the disorder is more easily gets noticed in women as compared to men. it may result from other type of tumor in the pituitary gland as well. an improper functioning of the thyroid gland is another main cause of this disorder. ayurveda believes that any of the health problem results from the aggravation of any of the doshas which are regarded as the life forces or energies of the body.

vata dosha is responsible for the improper and faulty division of cells while kapha dosha is responsible for the growth of tumor cells. these herbal remedies are prepared from using best quality herbs and strictly follow the principles of ayurveda. turmeric is yellowish in color which is due to presence of curcumin. it cures cysts, fibroids and other extra abnormal growths by shrinking the size, also act as a general health tonic for both men and women especially to treat urinary and reproductive organ functions. this herbal remedy helps to shrink the size of extra growth and reduces pain, swelling and inflammation with many other bothering symptoms of prolactinoma. – +91-991-559-3604 [international], +91-842-749-4030 [india] all information is provided on the website is only for educational purposes and is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

consider taking the herbal medicine vitex agnus-castus (also called chaste tree or chaste berry) which lowers prolactin. the exact dose depends herbal remedies for prolactinoma by planet ayurveda ; 1. curcumin capsules ; 2. gotukola capsules ; 3. chanderprabha vati ; 4. kanchnaar guggul ; 5. high prolactin hormone is involved in cases of infertility in both men and women. in this video you will learn about top 6 natural remedies, supplements to lower prolactin, supplements to lower prolactin, can garlic reduce high prolactin, how to lower prolactin levels to get pregnant, how to reduce prolactin level naturally food.

plants and herbal compounds such as withania somnifera, fructus hordei germinatus, resveratrol and kolaviron, are effective in reducing prl and improving hyperprolactinemia (hyperprl). the herbal remedies in question are prepared in form of teas to be consumed on an everyday basis in regular time intervals, once a day each, conformant to chasteberry might work as a hormone balancer by targeting the hormone prolactin. by lowering how much prolactin is in the blood, the herb could balancing blood sugar is a good way to lower prolactin naturally. studies have found that glucose insensitivity causes high prolactin levels, how much vitamin e to lower prolactin, ginger and prolactin.

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