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episode 55-aside from menstrual issues, we women also regularly deal with breast health issues. in this episode, we’ll talk about natural remedies for breast cysts and the difference between cysts and tumors. breast cysts seem to be correlated to the menstrual cycle. they are related to hormonal imbalances, but are more common among women under age 50. the difference between a breast cyst and a possible breast tumor is that a cyst is a watery, grape-like sac, whereas a tumor is composed of connective and gland tissue. you can usually move them around with your fingers and they also usually cause pain and tenderness. it is important that you understand the differences and if you aren’t sure, check with your medical professional. and of course, you should see a medical professional about any changes in breast tissue that persists or grows. we want to use diet and herbs to help prevent the cysts from appearing in the first place. and, we also want to use natural remedies for breast cysts that appear in the meantime. however, it is a personal choice and seems to offer benefits that outweigh the risks for some women.

as a christian, i do not endorse the use of birth control pills, but have used and recommend natural family planning methods. a diet high in fruits and vegetables, quality fats and proteins, and moderate to low in grains and high carb foods is best. processed foods increase inflammation, overload the liver, and contribute to hormonal imbalance. herbs for breast cysts include herbs that dissolve cysts generally and those that address breast health overall. in addition, herbs that help balance hormones–such as black cohosh or vitex–will also help prevent cysts. then, soak a clean linen towel with the very warm tea and apply to the affected breast as a compress. recommended herbs: evening primrose oil, burdock root, hops, american spikenard, calendula, bupleurum, figwort, chickweed, and red clover. with burdock and red clover, you can also take the herb internally. however, geranium diluted in a carrier oil and then massaged into the affected breast in a circular motion helps get rid of the cysts. other natural remedies for breast cysts help increase circulation to clear the cyst, but aren’t necessarily solutions in themselves. couple it with breast massage, hot compresses (especially with teas from the herbs mentioned above), and drinking lots of water.

fibrocystic breast disease can cause pain, swelling, and lumpiness in the breasts. there are common misconceptions about fibrocystic breast disease that can cause a lot of confusion for women who are suffering from this condition. symptoms of breast tenderness and pain will persist as long as they are left unaddressed. the lumps will continue to cause pain and tenderness until this time, so finding a solution for your fibrocystic breasts can make a world of difference in your quality of life.

some reports suggest certain vitamins can reduce breast pain and other symptoms associated with fibrocystic breast disease. caffeine and foods that are high in fat content can oftentimes make fibrocystic breast symptoms worse. women who are experiencing the breast pain and tenderness associated with fibrocystic breast disease can find effective relief through all-natural solutions. she also holds a bachelor degree in kinesiology from the university of maryland.

there are some examples of plants that are used in breast cancer, for example ginko, goldenseal, ginseng, garlic, echinacea, aloe vera and saw red raspberry leaf tea or tincture (learn how to make your own here!) is a powerful herbal approach to healing cystic breast tissue. it effectively and gently herbal diuretics can be useful in decreasing breast swelling and the discomfort associated with it. the most effective of these is dandelion leaf (taraxacum, .

recommended herbs: evening primrose oil, burdock root, hops, american spikenard, calendula, bupleurum, figwort, chickweed, and red clover. i no – the cysts that are present in fibrocystic breasts are benign, or non-cancerous. helpful herbs: violet leaf works directly with breast tissue, helping to smooth out fibrous cysts, lumps, tumors, infections, or growths., .

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