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herb leaves are usually densely packed with nutrients and several different vitamins but is vitamin d one of them? let’s look in a bit more detail at how vitamin d is actually produced and why it’s impossible for herbs to do so. we’ll also go over some alternative plant sources of vitamin d and examine some of the other important vitamins and minerals present in herbs. as vitamin d is a fat-soluble vitamin derived from sunlight, basil, thyme, oregano and all other herbs are incapable of synthesizing and storing vitamin d. no matter how much dill you add to your potato salad, your vitamin d levels won’t rise. a good plant source of vitamin d is mushrooms. the best source of vitamin d remains direct exposure to sunlight.

although there is no vitamin d present in herbs we can still use their leaves to make our vitamin d-rich foods taste even better. here are some ideas: trying to increase your vitamin d levels by eating herbs is like performing a rain dance to water your plants: mostly futile! however, there are many ways that we can add herbs to meals rich in vitamin d to increase flavor and consumption. in the winter months when my herb garden is resting i tend to resort to vitamin d supplements as an easy way of maintaining my vitamin d levels. sunnybotanist.com is a participant in the amazon services llc associates program. sunny botanist may be compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.

vitamin d is one of the fat-soluble vitamins structurally derived from cholesterol and similar to the reproductive hormones by possessing the abcd hexagonal rings. on the other hand, the name vitamin e, which is a known fat-soluble vitamin, refers to a family of eight naturally occurring homologs that are synthesized by plants from homogentisic acid. the focus of this chapter is however on vitamin d with particular emphasis on its plant sources and medicinal applications in sub-sahara africa. the production of vitamin d3 (d3) in the skin is not an enzymatic process. synthesis and activation of vitamin d. vitamin d3 is synthesized in the skin upon uvb exposure.

the indispensable role of vitamin d in calcium homeostasis and by extension bone metabolism has been demonstrated in many in-vitro animals’ experiments. although these changes may not be very crucial in humans, it’s however been shown that the crucial effect of vitamin d on bone is to provide the proper balance of calcium and phosphorus to support mineralization [13]. such disease conditions include: this is a condition where bone density is decreased causing weakness in the bone and its inability to carry the frame of the body. oral supplementation with vitamin d is becoming a common practice in the treatment of hypertension in blacks; this was because reduced level of 25 hydroxy vitamin d was found to be common in blacks with diastolic hypertension. the multipurpose application of vitamin in the management of many diseases is not in doubt; however, the biochemical and physiological basis of its application in most of the disease states where it has been used either prophylactically or curatively are still under investigation.

vitamin d in herbs ; oregano, 0mg ; rosemary, 0mg ; sage, 0mg ; dill, 0mg ; parsley, 0mg. ( s. glaucophyllum ), cestrum diurnum l. ( c. diurnum ) and trisetum flavescens beauv. ( t. aside from above, provitamin d3 and vitamin d2 (7- 6 herbs and vitamins that’ll keep you well #1 andrographis #2 probiotics and prebiotics #3 zinc #4 theracurmin #5 vitamin d #6 echinacea., spices high in vitamin d, spices high in vitamin d, vitamin d vegetables and fruits, herbs with vitamin e, herbs with vitamin c.

3. mushrooms mushrooms are a delicious source of vitamin d that offer several b vitamins and potassium, too. vitamin d levels vary with each mushroom type, ginger. multivitamins. ginseng. probiotics. glucosamine. red yeast rice. glutamine. same. melatonin. turmeric. medicinal mushrooms. vitamin d. peppermint portobello, maitake, morel, button, and shiitake are thought to be the best kinds of mushrooms to source vitamin d from. to maximize the amount of vitamin d, natural vitamin d, fruits rich in vitamin d, vitamin d foods, plant sources of vitamin d.

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