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it appears to the cancerous lymphoma cell like a preferred meal — natural hdl. shows that synthetic hdl nanoparticles killed b-cell lymphoma, the most common form of the disease, in cultured human cells, and inhibited human b-cell lymphoma tumor growth in mice. “this has the potential to eventually become a nontoxic treatment for b-cell lymphoma which does not involve chemotherapy,” said gordon, a co-corresponding author with thaxton on the paper. the nanoparticle — originally developed by thaxton as a possible therapy for heart disease — closely mimics the size, shape and surface chemistry of natural hdl particles. thus, when the nanoparticle is incubated with human b-cell lymphoma cells or used to treat a mouse with the human tumor, it socks lymphoma with a double whammy. “the lymphoma work has broadened this focus to how the hdl nanoparticles impact both the removal and uptake of cholesterol by cells.

after developing the hdl nanoparticle, thaxton gave a lecture in 2010 to feinberg faculty. a long-time lymphoma researcher and oncologist, gordon was looking for new methods to deliver drugs to patients. that’s when the scientists began delving into the mechanism by which the hdl nanoparticles were sticking to the hdl receptors on the lymphoma cell and manipulating cholesterol transport. in addition, patient samples analyzed by collaborators at duke university for the study showed that lymphoma cells in patients had an overproduction of these hdl receptors compared to normal lymphocytes. non-hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer that starts in cells called lymphocytes, which are part of the body’s immune system. shuo is a research associate in medicine in gordon’s laboratory in the division of hematology/oncology at the feinberg school and marina is a graduate student in the department of chemistry at weinberg college of arts and sciences.

however, if you have any of these symptoms you should see a doctor so that the cause can be understood and treated. our treatments are designed to fight lymphoma, strengthen your immune system and change the underlying conditions of the body so it can muster its full healing potential. the program is tailor-made for you, to aggressively and swiftly kill cancer cells. this treatment does the maximum damage to cancer cells and the least amount of harm to the rest of your body.

cancerous cells have been shown to have a dysfunctional cellular metabolism and we’ll use this to our advantage to weaken them so our cancer treatments and your immune system can kill them off. below you will find more information about some of the tools we use to battle lymphoma and you can read and watch cancer recovery testimonials. hyperthermia is the application of heat to parts of the body to increase blood flow and enhance the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients. we encourage you to watch some of our patient video testimonials and read recovery testimonials on this page.

common treatments for lymphoma include radiation and chemotherapy. however, many people are now considering complementary and alternative medicine (cam). one of the most studied supplements in people with cancer is mistletoe extract. many european clinical trials have found that mistletoe extract “this has the potential to eventually become a nontoxic treatment for b-cell lymphoma which does not involve chemotherapy,” said gordon, a co-, .

for many patients and doctors, acupuncture has become one of the most widely used alternative interventions in cancer treatment. unlike we offer powerful, safe & effective natural lymphoma treatment options. hodgkin lymphoma – less prevalent, this form spreads in an organic fruits and vegetables are the only way to go. learn to love raw fruits and vegetables, especially: kale, broccoli, carrots, blueberries, ginger, tumeric, .

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