holistic canine cancer treatment

treating cancer in dogscancer is one of the most devastating conditions. just the word itself causes a great deal of fear. and conventional medicine doesn’t typically give much hope of survival. the body has an amazing ability to heal … if we provide proper support and reduce the insults. why not surgeryit’s important to remember that the tumor you see is the outward manifestation of a systemic process. it’s the proverbial “tip of the iceberg.”  removing a tumor does nothing to treat cancer. but if we don’t address the underlying issues that caused it … the disease will persist and manifest elsewhere in the body. but the best way to help your dog is to focus on what will most benefit his quality of life … and not just make you feel better!

these are just some of the drugs your dog may get with conventional treatments. i do find that conventional medications are sometimes necessary to keep pets comfortable. but every drug requires more work from the liver and other detoxifying organs to remove it from his body. without healthy digestion to properly process nutrients … and a balanced microbiome to support the immune system, your dog’s health will suffer. but then i see most pets get so sick that, in the end, their bodies become too run down to survive. they come back with a vengeance … and the pet succumbs to the disease. the most important foundation to healing is proper nutrition. the body must have properly balanced nutrients that are not inflammatory. but i’ve seen definite success when we focus on supporting the healing ability of the pet … and let go of the notion of “fighting” the cancer.

chronic inflammation is primarily the contributor to cancer formation in the canine body. osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer in dogs. it is common to see this type of cancer in the canine mouth or on mucous membranes. cancer can hide beneath the surface, and it can be challenging to detect some cancers. turkey tail is an effective treatment option as it promotes overall wellness in the body and fights cancer cells.

turmeric is in the same zingiberaceae family as garlic and has similar effects of reducing inflammation, an enabler for cancer growth. cancer in dogs can be significantly reduced or avoided with omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. many vets will support your election to use modalities that fight cancer in a way that supports the body’s immune response and natural healing ability. supporting your dog’s immune system and offering supplements that reduce inflammation can treat cancer in dogs naturally. turkey tail mushrooms have been supported in cancer studies and can improve the immune system’s ability to kill cancer cells.

other cancer protocols cbd oil. there are several good brands now available. turkey tail mushrooms. essential oils like frankincense provide proven anti- holistic treatment focuses on the patient, viewing the cancer as a symptom. with holistic treatment we work on the whole patient and the immune supporting your dog’s immune system and offering supplements that reduce inflammation can treat cancer in dogs naturally. holistic options, .

acupuncture treats cancer by stimulating the immune system to function optimally to rid the body of abnormally growing cells. it can also the well dog approach uses diet, chinese herbs, western herbs, essential oils and supplements that all have cancer cell killing abilities. but their main focus for years, i used the energetics of food to treat many forms of disease. if a disease caused heat or inflammation, i’d prescribe organic, homemade, finely, .

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