holistic treatment for cervical cancer

for any woman who finds themselves diagnosed with this condition, the mistake that is most often made, is following the conventional course of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy – which varies in degree depending on how far advanced the cancer tissues are determined to be. if we were able to adapt our mindsets, realising that the condition is metabolic in nature – we would quickly realise that these forms of treatment are not the answer and start looking for alternative treatments. we flood the body with adequate alkalising minerals and fluids, and allow it the chance to begin the process of healing on a profound level. the use of metabolic treatments is one of the least invasive of ways of killing cancer cells, whilst maintaining the integrity of our healthy cells and tissues.

by administering a small amount of insulin when the patient is in a fasted state, we are able to biologically take advantage of cancer cells and create a “therapeutic moment” – when the insulin has bound to the cancer cells much more quickly than healthy cells, they become permeable whilst the healthy cells remain impermeable. the bridge between all of these treatments is knowledge and education – because these are the only things that will allow you to live a life which can prevent cancer from returning. once we realise that the body is always seeking to protect us, striving for healing – we are able to see how we can assist it to be able to efficiently defend us, rather than being permanently stuck on maintenance mode. the importance of quietening our inner voices so that we are able to listen to our innate wisdom – through meditation and yoga, and other workshops encouraging creativity and exploring long neglected parts of our psyche all lead to healing on a spiritual level.

for women, two of the most common types of cancers that affect them are breast cancer and cervical cancer. in surgery, the part affected by cancer or some of it will be taken out (note that surgery is not for all types of cancer, e.g., leukemia is treated with drugs); in chemotherapy, drugs are used to kill cancer cells to slow their growth; and in radiation, high-energy radiation is used to kill or slow cancer cells. on the other hand, there are techniques that strengthen the communication between the body and mind which in turn helps in curing cancer or even aiding in improving quality of life.

comfort care, supportive care, and symptom management are some of the common names of palliative care. they work together with the oncology care team in managing and maintaining quality of life patients. as one of the most reliable cervical cancer organizations, liger medical global is passionate in providing cost-effective services and products necessary in taking care one’s health.

natural remedies for cervical cancer herb #1: curcumin. curcumin, popularly known as turmeric, is a popular asian herb. herb #2: ginger root. treatments like high dose vitamin c, b17, venofer, artusenate and curcumin are nature’s artillery against cancer cells – potently delivered in advocating holistic approach using plant derived phytochemicals may address this health problem. these molecules show potent anticancer potential and are free, .

herbal remedies include ginseng, gingko and echinacea, and dietary supplements selenium, glucosamine sulfate, and same are considered natural studies show that herbal medicines, including taxol, camptothecin and combretastatins, have been shown to be effective in treating cervical some people use complementary approaches, such as reiki, meditation or homeopathic remedies, in addition to conventional medicine during an illness,, .

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