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according to the national kidney foundation, one out of every three american adults is at risk, and 30 million already have some level of ckd. then, there are the illicit drugs including cocaine, heroin, and amphetamines that can also injure kidney tissue and increase risk of ckd. this is due to the formation of scar tissue (fibrosis) and loss of tissue architecture. an altered microbiome also fosters the development of a chronic systemic inflammatory state which is associated with a plethora of comorbidities, including obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes, and cvd. a protein called galectin-3 (gal-3) is a key driver of the fibrotic process in the kidneys, as well as other vital organs including the liver and heart. when a kidney is injured, gal-3 production surges and is excreted outside the cell as part of the repair mechanism.

numerous studies show that gal-3 is upregulated in ckd, and that higher serum levels of gal-3 correlate to more advanced stages (desmedt v, et al. the role of gal-3 in health and disease, and the use of mcp to inhibit gal-3 when it is pathogenic have been a primary focus of my research efforts for the past 20 years. across every stratum of egfr, elevated amounts of albumin in the urine are associated with increased risk of cvd, cdk progression, and death (levey as, et al. there’s merit to the tcm view that the kidneys are far more than just passive blood filters and fluid regulators. preventing and reducing chronic inflammation is a critical aspect of minimizing ckd risk. he is also the founder and chief formulator of clinical synergy, a company providing targeted, research based, physician-formulated nutraceuticals.

rather than breaking her down, her shocking nephrotic syndrome battle gave her a burst of motivation to promote change. after years of experimenting with mainstream medicine, henderson turned to natural supplements to try and reverse her kidney damage. when you’re not getting the results you hoped for, you have to dig deeper, research more and try new things,” henderson explained. in the midst of battling her own kidney disease, henderson enrolled into naturopathic medical school. she is taking things a step further and hoping to help even more people affected by nephrotic syndrome, by speaking at nephcure’s nephrotic syndrome family wellness day on january 20th in los angeles, ca.

we’re also going to consider why do kidney patients feel cold easily and why do so many of us have insomnia,” henderson stated. henderson hopes after hearing from her at the family wellness day, patients and families walk away knowing the importance of staying optimistic when it comes to new developments in medicine. if you would like to hear more from dr. henderson at her nephrotic syndrome family wellness day presentation, you can register for the free event here. to see a livestream of dr. henderson’s presentation as well as her slides on natural medicine and kidney disease, click here. hi, my mom is in severe kidney disfunction/failure after a diagnosis of multiple myeloma two years ago. nephcure kidney international, and the logo, are federally registered trademarks of nephcure kidney international, inc.

which herbal supplements have potassium? ; kelp, kudzu (shoot), lemongrass ; mugwort, noni, papaya (leaf, fruit) ; purslane sage (leaf), safflower (flower) herbal products and dietary supplements are cam therapies that have grown faster than any other cam treatments. little information is available about herbs and an anti-inflammatory diet, moderate exercise program, and attention to stress reduction all work to decrease the pro-inflammatory milieu., related symptoms, related symptoms, related conditions.

the researchers concluded that a healthy, plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, whole grains, and fiber and low in red meat, salt, and refined sugars may reduce the risk of early death in people with ckd. after years of experimenting with mainstream medicine, henderson turned to natural supplements to try and reverse her kidney damage. focus on the treatment goal of reducing proteinuria/kidney inflammation in glomerular disease. what natural substances show evidence of improving. anemia is one of the most common complications in ckd patients. here, li et al. have performed meta-analysis to assess the efficacy of a herbal, .

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