holistic treatment for ovarian cancer

naturopathic medicine focuses on reducing the risk of harmful effects from cancer treatment with a variety of natural therapies that may help with conditions such as digestive issues and fatigue. possible recommendations may include: uab is an active participant in research and clinical trials for ovarian cancer. the supportive care and survivorship clinic takes an interdisciplinary approach to caring for patients with serious illnesses, whether they are in active treatment or have completed treatment. the health professionals at the supportive care and survivorship clinic help patients manage the side effects associated with cancer. referrals to the supportive care and survivorship clinic can be made by any treating physician or nurse or by patient self-referral.

clinic sessions are held wednesday and friday mornings with palliative care physicians and fellows. our team physicians and physician assistants have special expertise in complex symptom management including depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite, pain syndromes, and others. they are the front line of patient care. counselors are experienced in structuring counseling sessions to meet the specific needs of each person. massage therapists are trained in all types of massage, including oncology massage, which is a specialized approach that supports the body’s health before, during, and after treatment for cancer. location the uab supportive care and survivorship clinic is located on the 3rd floor of the kirklin clinic of uab hospital.

according to the national ovarian cancer coalition, in women between the ages of 35–74, ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths. over 90 percent of women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and treated during the disease’s earliest stages will survive for at least five years. each woman with ovarian cancer is different and can experience a unique set of symptoms, depending on the type of cancer, the stage and where it’s located. (5) women with ovarian cancer who are treated right away — when the disease is still in its early stages — have a much better chance of survival and recovery.

the “grade” of cancer is also used to describe how cells behave and how aggressively they are growing. being diagnosed with ovarian cancer can be very stressful, especially if the cancer is caught in its later stages and needs to be treated aggressively. genes that can increase risk of ovarian cancer are called breast cancer gene 1 (brca1) and breast cancer gene 2 (brca2). a hysterectomy (surgery to remove the uterus, but not the ovaries) also seems to reduce the risk of getting ovarian cancer by about one-third, although this surgery is only performed when absolutely necessary.

research suggests that at least half of all women diagnosed with ovarian cancer turn to complementary therapies. these may be herbs, supplements wide evidences revealed that quercetin is able to inhibit various types of cancers including breast, lung, nasopharyngeal, kidney, colorectal, lavender oil is promoted to reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, and muscle tension. inhaled peppermint and ginger oil may help to reduce chemotherapy-related, .

ginger root is an outstanding food for annihilating ovarian cancer cells. when ginger powder is dissolved in a solution containing ovarian specifically, bzyqt contains 2 single herbs, huang-qi (hq; astragalus membranaceus [fisch.] bunge) and ren-shen (rs; panax ginseng .), researchers from the university of michigan comprehensive cancer center have found that ginger not only kills cancer cells, it also prevents, .

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