homeopathic treatment for endometriosis

if you are looking for the seamless integration of the traditional concepts of homeopathy with the best and the latest research from the field of medicine, star homeopathy clinics strive to deliver high quality homeopathic treatment. health is a state of harmony between the body and the mind. for example, pain, swelling and redness could be the result of an infection or some irritation. endometriosis is a painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus (endometrium). this repeated irritation leads to the development of scar tissue and adhesions in thearea of the endometrial implants.

ultrasound, can be helpful in ruling out other pelvic diseases and may suggest the presence of endometriosis in the vaginal and bladder areas. the primary aim of homeopathic medicines for endometriosis is to provide symptomatic relief to a patient. xanthoxylum: it is the best remedy for endometriosis when periods are very painful, with excruciating pain in the pelvis, back, thighs and legs. it is also prescribed for darting pains in the pelvis from hip to hip. sepia: this is another of the reliable homeopathic medicines for endometriosis indicated in case of marked bearing down pains in the pelvis. women prescribed sepia may also complain of gripping, stitching, clutching pains in the pelvis.

as it can lead to blockage of the tubes and interference with ovarian  function, it can also cause fertility problems. however, a lot of people  have side-effects to one of the main treatments, danol. one tablet of oophorinum 30c is given  daily from days five to nine inclusive and folliculinum 30c is given,  one daily, from days 10 to 14 of the men­strual cycle. this seemed to  fit in with the observations of absent, poor or late ovulation. pelvic  pain seemed more difficult to treat and was often the symp­tom that made  people return for another consultation.

the interesting thing which  seemed to emerge was how many peo­ple had a history of frequent  antibiotic usage from childhood. (thrush is yeast and only grows in the presence of sugar.) she was  delighted and breastfed the baby for a year. she had a past his­tory of taking antibiotics for acne and  chlamydia infection (which scarred her tubes) and for recurrent cysts on  the eye­lids. when next seen seven months later she  had reduced the candida tablets to monthly and had no pain from the  endometriosis.

commonly indicated homeopathic remedies: xanthoxylum: it is the best remedy for endometriosis when periods are very painful, with excruciating pain in the homeopathic remedies prescribed were for pelvic pain of which apis helped but belladonna did not seem to. the most useful remedies were folliculinum and potentized estrogen is an effective treatment for reducing endometriosis-associated pelvic pain (eapp) that has been refractory to, .

natrum mur is the best homeopathic remedy, for individuals suffering from endometriosis with complaints of urinary issues. for women, aconite, arsenic album, belladonna, bryonia, cimicifuga, gelsemium, iodium, pulsatilla, sabina, secale cor, sepia, silicea, aurum mur, calcaria carb, carbolic you can take turmeric capsules, or make turmeric tea by boiling one cup of water and adding a teaspoon of both turmeric and ginger powder. you can also add, .

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