homeopathic treatment for lung cancer

the .gov means it’s official. the site is secure. the https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely. survival improves with additive homeopathy in patients with nsclc. alongside conventional anticancer treatment, additive homeopathy might help to alleviate side effects of conventional therapy. the aim of the present study was to investigate whether additive homeopathy might influence quality of life (qol) and survival in patients with nsclc.

treated patients visited the outpatients’ centers every 9 weeks: 150 patients with stage iv nsclc were included in the study; 98 received either individualized homeopathic remedies (n = 51) or placebo (n = 47) in a double-blinded fashion; and 52 control patients without any homeopathic treatment were observed for survival only. results: qol as well as functional and symptom scales showed significant improvement in the homeopathy group when compared with placebo after 9 and 18 weeks of homeopathic treatment (p < .001). survival rate in the homeopathy group differed significantly from placebo (p = .020) and from control (p < .001). in addition, survival was significantly longer in the homeopathy group versus placebo and control. the study suggests that homeopathy positively influences not only qol but also survival. keywords: additive homeopathy; adult oncology; complementary and alternative medicine; global health status; lung cancer; survival.

uncontrolled cell growth in the tissues of the lung leads to lung cancer. recently, we conducted kaplan-meier survival analysis curves for our cases of lung cancer treated by the banerji protocol exclusively. nm aged 50 years old man came to us on the 24th march 2015 and presented with chest pain, dry cough with dyspnoea, since 3 months. area of consolidation seen in the left upper lobe.” during the course of his treatment chest x-ray’s were done on several occasions, last on 07.01.1999, which showed “…complete regression of mediastinal mass”.now he is keeping well and leading a normal life.

after 4 to 5 months of our medication, the medicines kali carbonicum 200c, twice in a week, thuja occidentalis 30c, two doses daily, hepar sulph 200c, two doses daily, clinically, the patient started feeling much better inspite of having continued mild cold and cough, dyspnoea, insomnia and occasional attacks of recurrent angular stomatitis. view done on 28th april 2001 showed – ” comparative study with that of previous skiagram … shows, the opacity in right lower zone remains almost identical.” sharp outlined nodular opacity in right lower zone with internal calcifications remains unchanged in appearance in comparison with all previous x-ray plates.” this is a classic example of a case where the progress of the disease has been halted and inspite of the fact that the lesion has not regressed, this may be said to be a cure because, the medication has been discontinued without any further activity of the lesion even after five year,there were no complications during treatment. many of our patrons have often expressed their kind desire to donate to pbhrf for assistance in further research and studies. you need javascript enabled to view it., with the word “donation” as the subject of the mail.

patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (nsclc) have limited treatment options. alongside conventional anticancer treatment, additive an experienced homeopath may prescribe a regimen to support general health during lung cancer. acute remedies may be useful to relieve a patient with small cell lung carcinoma was treated initially with extracts of mistletoe and homoeopathic treatment and appeared to respond., related symptoms, related symptoms, related conditions.

lessons learned: conventional medicine and homeopathy work well together. quality of life improves with additive homeopathy in patients with non-small cell lung 1. kali carbonicum 200c liquid. one dose = 2 drops in water. one dose three times a week. 2. thuja occidentalis 30c in pill number 40. two doses the immuno-knife homeopathic treatment for lung cancer, developed at welling clinics can be very helpful for those suffering from lung cancer at, .

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