japanese natural cancer treatment

western medicine should be used in preference to kampo medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. complementary and alternative medicine, including kampo medicine [22–25], compensates for the drawbacks of western medicine by increasing the body’s healing power and resistance [26–29]. kampo users were more likely to believe that kampo offers relief of symptoms with less adverse effects and that kampo is more effective than western medicine. the authors concluded that further research on the efficacy and safety of kampo medicine in cancer treatment is warranted to resolve this discrepancy between patients’ and physicians’ expectations.

the present position of kampo medicine in the medical treatment of cancer in japan allows patients to access western and kampo medical treatments simultaneously. juzentaihoto is an effective kampo medicine for promoting restoration of physical strength after surgery and alleviating adverse effects of anticancer drugs or radiation therapy. the hospital reported that kampo medicines are allowed for prolongation of the lives of cervical cancer patients. the kampo medicine approach is to control cancer by bringing out the natural healing power inherent to living bodies and emphasizing body’s defense mechanism.

medical care in japan is distinguished by the ability for patients to access both western and kampo medical cares at the same time. the effects of anticancer drugs also differ according to the way they are used. yet, another characteristic of medical care in japan is that patients can access western and kampo medical cares at the same time. kampo medicine is fundamentally a tailor-made type of treatment, and kampo prescription is changed according to the patients’ condition and symptoms. the use of kampo preparations for palliative and supportive care of cancer patients in combination with anticancer drugs or radiotherapy may offer alleviation of adverse effects and survival benefits, and the number of such research papers being published in international journals is increasing. the use of the kampo preparation goshajinkigan [57–67] as drug therapy for peripheral neuropathy symptoms has been widely reported in japan.

[70] conducted a retrospective comparison and examination of the effects of goshajinkigan for peripheral neuropathy associated with oxaliplatin in advanced or recurrent colorectal cancer patients. the usefulness of goshajinkigan is conjectured to be aconitine [71]. ugt1a1 is a molecular species of ugt in the liver and is the enzyme that metabolizes irinotecan. the tochigi cancer center research group published the results of a clinical study that compared the degree of diarrhea in 41 patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer following anticancer drug treatment with irinotecan hydrochloride and cisplatin. steady progress is being made in the treatment of cancer. this work was supported in part by the grants-in-aid for scientific research by grant for assist kaken from kanazawa medical university (k2012-8) and japan society for the promotion of science (jsps) no.

a new cancer treatment that uses light to target and kill only cancer cells, and is believed to have few side effects, has entered into use the kampo medicine approach is to control cancer by bringing out the natural healing power inherent to living bodies and emphasizing body’s defense mechanism. kampo extract preparation is mostly used in japan. these kampo extracts are the combination of herbal medicines from the viewpoint of kampo theory. standard, .

kampo medicine is beneficial for the treatment of cancer-related numbness, constipation, anorexia, muscle cramps, and fatigue (2). given this mouth-washing with the japanese herbal medicine hangeshashinto (hst) ameliorates chemotherapy-induced oum in patients with colorectal cancer kampo medicines are traditional japanese medicines produced from medicinal plants and herbs. even though the efficacy of kampo medicines for, .

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