kutki in homeopathy

the katuki is cold in potency and has a pungent vipaaka [post digestive taste]. katuki powder can be stored for a period of 3 – 6 months in an air tight containerhow does it work?katuki promotes natural peristalsis.it is also found to be very useful in hyper-acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcers in controlled doses (research)it has hepato-protective action. safe for kids?in a dose of 250 – 500 mg, katuki can be administered to children, under the supervision of doctor.pregnancy and lactation? the katuki is equally helpful in patients suffering from kaphaja type of cough and dyspnoea.

hence, it is used in ulcers of the skin which exhibits excessive moisture where in katuki dries up the moisture and helps in quicker rate of healing the ulcer. distribution: the kutki / picrorrhiza kurroa tree is found in the himalayan region from kashmir to sikkim at an elevation of 2700-4500m and in nepal, found abundantly between 3500 and 4800 m. it is found far away from the community and takes from hours to days to walk to its growing habitat. it can be used in very low dose in children. enlargement and more effective when used with chirata……lowers.

however, overexploitation has put it in the critically endangered category and there is a need to preserve this plant to keep on getting all the benefits of this wonderful healer. the name picorrhiza comes from the greek word picroz and rhiza which translates to bitter and root respectively, referring to the bitter taste of kutki plant though a bit of bitter taste is worth all its health benefits. however, it is primarily known as a hepatoprotective and used in the treatment of various liver diseases like hepatitis and jaundice. picrorhiza, reduces the amount of fats stored in liver and reduces fatty liver disease as evidenced by preclinical studies.

according to a study published in the journal of current pharmaceutical biotechnology, picroliv is the active hepatoprotective component of picrorhiza plant. in further studies, a series of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant molecules have been isolated and identified in the heartwood of kutki plant. about 6-10 g of the herb is administered in various forms to cure any of these conditions. kutki is commercially available in the form of tablets, capsule and powder. though 300 to 1200 mg of kutki is used per day for the treatment of fevers in adults.

uses: it is a useful home remedy / adjuvant remedy of fever of pitta and kapha imbalances. it is useful in fevers due to viral infections. it kutki is a himalayan herbs useful in liver related problems & its botanical name is picrorhiza kurroa. kutki ? katuki is mainly beneficial picrorhiza is used for yellowed skin (jaundice), sudden liver infections caused by a virus (acute viral hepatitis), fever, allergy, and asthma., kutki in english, kutki in english, kutki for fatty liver, kutki powder in english, kutki for weight loss.

kutki is a wonder herb loaded with antipyretic properties and various antioxidants that can heal and soothe the skin from various infections, wounds and rashes. traditionally kutki is known for curing stomach conditions like stomach pain. taking 10 gram of kutki root along with some honey is believed to kutaki is mainly used for liver disorders like jaundice as it protects the liver against cell damage caused by free radicals due to its kutki is an important herb in the traditional chinese and ayurvedic systems of medicine that is used to treat liver and upper respiratory conditions., kutki in punjabi, organic kutki powder, kutki powder near me, picrorhiza kurroa common name.

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