meniere’s disease holistic treatment

as the natural history of the disease is for remission in 60% after 6 months, treatments must do better than this to be better than doing nothing. it seems possible that acupuncture might cause a small improvement in meniere’s however, especially if applied to the area of the ear. it may stimulate release of tnf, interleukin-1 and interferion-beta 2. it is not advocated for meniere’s to the extent that meniere’s is an autoimmune condition, echinacea might even be a negative influence on meniere’s no studies are available. ginkgo may reduce the viscosity of the blood (literally blood thinning), and it may also be an antioxidant. ginkgo may reduce the effects of seizure medications. it is best to look for labels that say egb 761, which is the extract from the leaves.

we see no role for ginseng in meniere’s disease. comment: this medication is generally felt to be a placebo in the us, but some physicians are convinced of its effectiveness. according to the manufacturer, who quote dr. slattery (2007), it may affect “microcirculation”. in brief, at the present writing it is not clear if it is an effective medication, but it does not appear to be harmful. the author of this page frequently gives it a try in patients who have not responded to conventional treatment. comment: it may also be helpful with vertigo, as it appears similar to the benzodiazepines (valium like drugs).

what are the symptoms of meniere’s disease? then we will consider five natural remedies for meniere’s disease and vertigo, concluding with a natural therapy that has been having great success in cases studies. need help with your vertigo attacks? we are taking all the steps necessary to be able to provide our services as safely as possible. we are no longer greeting you with handshakes and we will have our staff keep their distance as you navigate the building to the adjusting rooms. in order to ensure there will not be more than 3 in the waiting area at any time – we ask any guests not being treated or assisting a patient, stay home or in your car.

if you feel that you may be feverish, we ask that you reschedule your chiropractic appointment until your symptoms subside. we would ask that you do provide proof of your position that would qualify you for this special. we know that you know the seriousness of many of the conditions we treat, yet many do not. many would be debilitated were it not for the care we provide. in addition, it is again worth noting the significant benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care on the immune system. this would include your diet, rest, stress level and obvious hygiene of which we all have been reminded. we sincerely appreciate those of you who have trusted us with your care over these past 18 years.

current studies are examining stress management, steroid use, new imaging practices, surgical approaches, and natural treatments. while a de nitive cause has read on to know the five natural remedies for meniere’s disease, with a natural therapy that has been having great success in cases studies. #3. hydrate properly if meniere’s is related to too much fluid in the ear, why is drinking more water an important part of self-care? water, .

meniere’s disease is eliminated with acupuncture and herbs, according to modern research. alternative treatment. aside from making adjustments to the diet and lifestyle, there are few natural options available to manage ménière’s disease. some herbs, reduce the amount of sodium you consume in your diet. since some symptoms of meniere’s disease are related to pressure in your ears, reducing, .

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