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patient 1 presented with coexistent immunoglobulin g plasma cell dyscrasia and stage iiia lymphoma (nodes 5 cm in diameter). inhibition of cox-2 has a role in colon cancer prevention, has been implicated in lymphomagenesis, and is associated both with lymphoma stage and with response to treatment. in a study of 26 surveys from 13 countries, the use of complementary and alternative therapies ranged from 7% to 64%. from a personal malignant lymphoma practice during 28 years at the bc cancer agency, i report two patients with low-grade lymphoma manifesting disease regression after the use of devil’s claw supplements.

he has not had a further ct scan because of contrast risk in patients with myeloma proteins. inhibition of cox-2 has an accepted role in cancer prevention 15, has been implicated in lymphomagenesis 16, and is associated both with stage of lymphoma and with response to treatment 17. expression of cox-2 has been reported in myeloma 18, but use of devil’s claw in patient 1 did not prevent myeloma evolution. in 2 of those patients, a viral illness occurred before the observed lymphoma regression, but no patients were known to be on herbal medications or cox inhibitors. in the cases reported here, the only “intervention” or “event” was the use of devil’s claw supplements.

patients in that subset may actually be cured of follicular lymphoma, and we can hope with our patients that they might be in that group.” dr. armitage’s presentation took the audience through studies and analyses all pointing to the fact that the natural history of the disease is changing for the better. lead time bias would be a consideration, but he said he did not believe there is any reason to think that systematic change in the time of diagnosis is an explanation for increasing survival.

“my experience in talking with oncologists in the us is that more and more are treating people with follicular lymphoma grade 3 with something like chop-r and not putting them in trials,” he said. “the most obvious explanation is improved treatment, and far and away, the treatment that seems to have the greatest impact is passive immunotherapy with antibodies.” if survival is improving and treatments are improving, dr. armitage said, it might be time to revisit the idea of whether some patients with low-grade follicular lymphoma can be cured. dr. armitage began his presentation by saying he knew dr. ultmann when the latter was a visiting professor at the university of nebraska and that he was proud to honor dr. ultmann “by giving a presentation john would have liked.”

more recently, new biologic treatment options, notably rituximab and tositumomab, which are effective both in untreated and in previously treated patients, have common treatments for lymphoma include radiation and chemotherapy. however, many people are now considering complementary and alternative medicine (cam). one of the most studied supplements in people with cancer is mistletoe extract. many european clinical trials have found that mistletoe extract, how to beat lymphoma naturally, how to beat lymphoma naturally, how i cured my follicular lymphoma, curing lymphoma with diet, lymphoma miracle cure.

starve it to death by depriving it of what appears to be a favorite food: hdl cholesterol. northwestern medicine® researchers discovered this improved treatments are the main reason for increased survival, particularly immunotherapy, said dr. armitage, professor of internal medicine in the section of probiotic supplement (containing lactobacillus acidophilus ). for maintenance of gastrointestinal and immune health. omega-3 fatty acids. such, best supplements for lymphoma, natural treatment for diffuse large b-cell lymphoma.

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