naturopathic medicine for breast cancer

i was 38 and in the best shape of my life. after a 2-hour consultation, i was more than overwhelmed by the information given to me about my specific type of breast cancer: triple-negative invasive ductal carcinoma. eventually, i found a naturopathic doctor focused on “natural medicine.” treating my cancer with such therapies sounded way more attractive than chemotherapy and the radiation therapy that would follow. i prayed for guidance, prayed that what i decided in the end about treatment would allow me to be there for my 3 children and my husband. i felt very strongly about going this route and communicating my wishes to my oncologist. with this plan in hand, my oncologist coordinated a meeting with her pharmacist, who reviewed the list of complementary treatments and supplements.

after my lumpectomy in june 2018, i had to get ready for the next chapter in my treatment plan. based on my own research and with approval from the naturopath and the oncologist, i began drinking an herbal tea and taking a dietary supplement. i had to stop taking one of the supplements because my liver tests were abnormal. during this time i had several ozone blood therapies as well as a few specific antioxidant injections combined with other dietary supplements in an effort to help my body get through the treatment. looking back at those months, i feel very confident in the decisions my team—including my naturopath and my conventional doctors—made to support me in my healing. i see my oncologist every 3 months for cancer checkups and my naturopath every 6 months to assess the supplements i take as well as my nutrition. i believe that being my own advocate and working together with my team has had a very positive influence on my treatment and healing.

it’s important to keep in mind these are complementary remedies and shouldn’t be used in place of your doctor-approved treatment plan. they can work with you to come up with a nutrition plan that can help you build strength and maintain your body’s natural defenses. if you want to try antioxidant supplements, be sure to talk with your doctor first. acupuncture is a central part of traditional chinese medicine that may help relieve symptoms of breast cancer and side effects of treatment. be sure to talk with your practitioner about your needs and what techniques they may use for you.

surgery and radiation therapy are considered local therapies because they treat cancer cells without affecting the rest of your body. systemic therapies are more effective in advanced stages of breast cancer. your doctor can tell you if complementary or alternative therapies will be effective for the stage of your breast cancer, and steer you away from fraudulent products. cam treatments shouldn’t be used in place of your doctor-recommended treatment plan. you should make sure to investigate the type of cam treatments you’re interested in and whether they’re covered before committing your time, money, and energy. learn how and why screening mammograms are done, how they differ from diagnostic mammograms, and what to expect at your next checkup.

dr. amy rothenberg offers advice as a fellow breast cancer patient & naturopathic doctor on how to build a wellness team during treatment. naturopathic medicine offers complementary natural therapies to support the body and mind before, during/after treatment, and for breast cancer prevention. there are some examples of plants that are used in breast cancer, for example ginko, goldenseal, ginseng, garlic, echinacea, aloe vera and saw, symptoms of breast cancer, symptoms of breast cancer.

many women wonder whether “natural” or “alternative” treatments for breast cancer could work for them instead. breast cancer survivor kate sweitzer knew complementary and eventually, i found a naturopathic doctor focused on “natural medicine. if you have breast cancer, you may want to explore different treatment methods to supplement traditional medicine. options include acupuncture, . which natural treatments can help people with breast cancer?acupuncture.massage therapy.tai chi and qi

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