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in the intervention group, mean percentage increase in cd3, cd19 and cd16 positive cells were significantly higher after the administration of the study compound compared to the control group indicating an immunomodulatory effect of the study compound. a non-significant improvement in disease control was observed in patients with advanced stage of disease in the intervention group. [19] the anti oxidant and anticarcinogenic potential of f. assa-foetida has also been studied. patients in the intervention group received 5 gms of varunadi ghritha twice daily orally for one year and were followed up at three monthly intervals during the second year. the study was completed on 31st december 2008. however, follow up data regarding the occurrence of second primary tumour and loco-regional recurrence were collected up to december 2010. the ingredients of varunadi ghritha are depicted in table 1. all the ingredients were used for the preparation of the ghritha after confirming their identities by typical morphological features.

there were 38 patients in the intervention group and 40 in the control group. at the end of the follow-up, 674 months and 671 months were accrued in the intervention and control groups, respectively. [37] loco-regional recurrence and second primary tumours are major determinants of survival in the hnc patients. [41,42] the cox regression analysis of the data in the present study showed lower failure rate in patients with advanced stage and nodal disease after adjustment for other variables in the intervention group compared to the control group. although the survival and disease failure were similar in both groups, a trend in better disease control was observed in patients with advanced stage disease in the intervention group.

most of the cases of cancers in india are stage 3 and stage 4 cancer. below we highlight certain points that will help you to decide better. it will probably only help to maintain it that too if in the initial stages of mouth cancer. if the ayurvedic medicines worked than it would have been a miracle and the pharma companies would have been the first to patent it and make billions of dollars of money. but the fact is no one does.

in most cases it is only a feel good factor in the name of natural healing but it does little to actually heal. ayurveda might help slow the rate of progression hence it is best used as a complement to the laser treatment which in many cases has not only in many cases shown to reverse signs of cancer, but has also resulted in the overall improvement in the quality of life of an individual. it is especially useful in stage 4 treatment and in many cases has reversed the symptoms of the cancer. laser treatment for the oral cancer has many benefits – the swelling disappears, long term survival chances increase substantially, person returns to a normal lifestyle and diet, pain is in control, surgery time is only 1 hour, the patient satisfaction is extremely high compared to other mode of treatment. the testimonial from our patients are proof to the same. most of our patients whom we have successfully treated are those who have earlier tried ayurveda and other alternate treatment to no avail only to make their cases worse.we have also taken cases of patients wherein the best of surgeons have denied taking up the case due to the complexity involved.

in ayurveda, varunadi ghritha is indicated in the management of internal tumours both benign and malignant and has been used since several years without any researchers believe that these properties can be extended to relieve the problems associated with oral mucolitis, a painful side-effect of several studies have been conducted on these herbals proving there efficacy in treatment of cancer & cow urine has been researched and patented for its ability, related health topics, related health topics.

ayurveda might help slow the rate of progression hence it is best used as a complement to the laser treatment which in many cases has not only in many cases important ayurvedic treatment for mouth cancer may also include: spirulina 2. green tea 3. neem 4. curcumin 5. grapeseed. ayurvedic medicine does not entirely treat oral cancer but uplifts the post-treatment care process. several, .

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