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for centuries, the flowering plant st. john’s wort was used as a health remedy in europe. multiple studies have found st. john’s wort helpful for depression. two recent major studies showed that st. john’s wort worked no better than a placebo for moderate depression. st. john’s wort might prove more effective for milder forms of depression.

st. john’s wort has also been studied in the treatment of other mood disorders, such as severe depression, anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (ocd), and seasonal affective disorder (sad.) however, studies on st. john’s wort for these uses have not shown solid evidence of benefit. for depression, some clinical trials in adults have used 300â milligrams of st. john’s wort (of 0.3% hypericin extract) taken three times a day for up to 6 months. the gale encyclopedia of alternative medicine, second edition, 2004. natural standard patient monograph: “st. john’s wort.” national center for complementary and alternative medicine: “st. john’s wort,” “st. john’s wort and depression.

al-akoum, mahéra md, msc1; maunsell, elizabeth phd2,3,4; verreault, rené md, phd3; provencher, louise md, frcsc2,3,4; otis, hélène md4; dodin, sylvie md, msc1 from the 1centre de recherche, centre hospitalier universitaire du québec, québec, qc, canada; 2unité de recherche en santé des populations, centre de recherche du centre hospitalier affilié universitaire du québec, québec, qc, canada; 3unité de recherche en gériatrie, université laval, québec, qc, canada; and 4centre des maladies du sein deschênes-fabia, hôpital st.-sacrement du centre hospitalier affilié universitaire du québec, québec, qc, canada. the aim of this pilot double-blind, randomized clinical trial, which initially targeted breast cancer survivors, was to obtain preliminary evidence of the effect of hypericum perforatum extract (st. john’s wort extract) compared with placebo on symptoms and quality of life of symptomatic perimenopausal women. symptomatic perimenopausal women aged 40 to 65 years who experience hot flashes (three or more per day, heart and estrogen/progestin replacement study scale) were randomly assigned to receive ethanolic st. john’s wort extract (900 mg tid) or placebo.

the women were asked to keep a daily diary during the week before randomization and during the week before the 3-month follow-up (primary outcome) to record hot flash frequency and intensity. the menopause-specific quality of life questionnaire was used to assess menopause-specific quality of life. after 3 months of treatment, compared with the placebo group, women in the st. john’s wort group reported significantly better menopause-specific quality of life (p = 0.01) and significantly fewer sleep problems (p = 0.05). this pilot, double-blind, randomized clinical trial suggests that hypericum perforatum extract may improve symptoms and quality of life in ways that are important to symptomatic menopausal women compared to placebo.

john’s wort preparations can be used successfully to relieve the psychological and vegetative symptoms of menopause. this drug-monitoring study investigated 12 it’s also been used for insomnia, pms, menopausal symptoms, and eczema. however, studies on st. john’s wort for these uses have not shown our results indicate that ingesting an h perforatum ethanolic extract for 12 weeks resulted in an apparent reduction in the mean number of hot flashes and hot, .

some evidence suggests that taking st. john’s wort alone or in combination with black cohosh or other herbs might reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. conclusions: st john’s wort can be used as an effective treatment for the vasomotor symptoms of perimenopausal or postmenopausal women. in recent years, new research has discovered that st john’s wort may also reduce a few menopausal symptoms, namely hot flushes and night sweats. several studies have looked specifically at the effect of st john’s wort in menopausal women, and it seems that st john’s wort can help not only john’s wort extract was studied in women complaining of menopausal symptoms that included depression. three hundred and one women (ages 45-60, .

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