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furthermore, it is not reported to cause hearing loss, and only a handful of people have reported getting tinnitus from taking it. for example, one man wrote, the st. john’s wort i’m taking has made my tinnitus incredibly worse. if this occurs, you know that st. john’s wort is not for you. furthermore, i have suggested to many people that they try st. john’s wort rather than prescription drugs and no one has come back to me complaining of tinnitus from taking the sjw. so it is possible that your temporary tinnitus increase was indeed due to the st. john’s wort tea.

so, for the record, st. john’s wort is very mildly ototoxic and can cause various balance disorders plus tinnitus in a few people. i think it’s been helpful with my depression (i’ve been taking it for almost 2 weeks now) but the tinnitus is unbearable. note that a few people do have a tinnitus reaction to taking st. john’s wort. i base my assertion on the fact that a few people have reported to the fda’s data base that they had ototoxic side effects from taking this herbal. in this book, not only will you learn what it’s like to have meniere’s disease, but you will learn about the latest discovery of the underlying cause of meniere’s disease and the simple treatment that let’s you wave good bye to your meniere’s disease.

most us-based research does not correlate any herbal therapy with tinnitus relief. even so, you will see claims of bottled “cures” and “therapy” for sale commercially in the us, sometimes not fully identifying what is even in the bottle! data from these studies suggest that early-onset tinnitus responded more favorably to ginkgo treatment, as one might expect.european studies are, to say the least, impressive and hopeful.

for the record, i tell all my patients complaining of tinnitus to consider a regimen of ginkgo under the direction of their physician. dr carmen conducted and published his early tinnitus research (relaxation-biofeedback) in the 1970s, and headed up audiological assessment and research for a tinnitus clinic in the 1970s-80s. he can be reached at

note that a few people do have a tinnitus reaction to taking st. john’s wort. you may be one of them, but it was probably exacerbated by the high dose you are st john’s wort increases serotonin. it has to be avoided when taking most ad to avoid serotonin syndrome. also, there is an article in cells st. john’s wort)?. answer. most us-based research does not correlate any herbal therapy with tinnitus relief. in fact, most studies dispel, st john s wort side effects, st john s wort side effects, hypericum.

st. john’s wort may also ease ear infections, tinnitus, and inflammation of the nervous system, which may be affecting the ears. consider using st. john’s wort’s oil topically in the ears or internally as a tincture. so, i decided to try working on my hearing issues, as i suffered from some tinnitus/ringing in the ear since my army service. to my deepest why st. john’s wort is the best antidepressant for people with tinnitus? as mentioned earlier, the incidence of ototoxicity is much lower than for the best i ever felt was with st johns wort. the problem is it causes an extreme elevation of my existing ringing in the, .

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