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objectives: to assess the potential benefits of traditional herbal medicines in conjunction with chemotherapy in postoperative gastric cancer patients in terms of overall survival and disease-free survival. the rcts comparing the inclusion of adjuvant tradition medicine in conjunction with chemotherapy alone after surgery for resectable gastric cancers were included. os was defined as the survival rate from trials to the documented date of death form any cause or the last follow-up that was used as a censoring date. subgroup analyses were examined according to the main components of traditional treatment.

the full texts of the remaining references were examined in more detail. to the best of our knowledge, this is the first systematic review and meta-analysis of adjuvant traditional herbal rcts for resectable gastric cancer with os. the methods of allocation concealment for only 2 trials were clarified. however, most of the included studies were of low quality with potential heterogeneity so that the conclusion is not convincing.

stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, is typically a form of adenocarcinoma that occurs in the mucus-producing cells lining the stomach. while these treatments can be effective, they can also come with difficult side effects that can be tiring for you and challenging for your immune system, making it harder to fight off the disease. we treat you like a person and want to build a positive relationship through every step of the treatment process. patricia gale, a new jersey native, was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in january of 2021. her active lifestyle suddenly came to a halt when a metastasis had gone into her spine leaving her paralyzed.

his wife, april, had heard of a […] jack was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and, as a result, was living his life in tremendous amounts of pain. maria’s life was affected by the cancer; she became partially disabled and was living her life in a tremendous amount of pain. when he went back to the doctor a second time they did a ct scan and found a large mass in his abdomen […] in 2015, pamela was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer that escalated into stage four breast cancer. she went to mexico for more tests and was diagnosed with stomach cancer. every six months she continued her ca-125 and they were coming back normal…until two and a half months ago.

herbs and supplements for stomach cancer. american ginseng asian ginseng bromelain fiber garlic grape seed green tea vitamin b9 (folic acid) kanglaite injection is an anti-tumor medication mainly extracted from chinese herb-coix seed (semen coicis yokuinin), and has been approved by in conclusion, our findings suggest that traditional herbal medicines are efficacious in the treatment of resectable gastric cancer. among the rcts included,, .

treatment for stomach cancer typically requires subtotal gastrectomy (removal of part of stomach) or total gastrectomy (removal of whole stomach) you may hear about alternative or complementary methods that your doctor hasn’t mentioned to treat your cancer or relieve symptoms. these methods can include other treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are often part of treatment as well, either along with or instead of surgery. newer, .

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