tinospora sinensis

campylus sinensis loureiro, fl. 1790; cocculus tomentosus colebrooke; menispermum malabaricum lamarck; m. tomentosum (colebrooke) roxburgh; tinospora malabarica (lamarck) j. d. hooker & thomson; t. tomentosa (colebrooke) j. d. hooker & thomson. deciduous vines, to 20 m or longer, puberulent when young, often producing very long aerial roots. petiole (4-)6-13 cm, puberulent; leaf blade broadly ovate to subrotund, rarely broadly ovate, 7-14 㗠5-13 cm, papery, abaxially tomentulose or slightly tomentulose, adaxially puberulent, base deeply to slightly cordate, margin entire, apex acutely acuminate, palmately 5(-7)-veined at base. inflorescences appearing when plant is leafless. male flowers: sepals 6 in 2 whorls, outer 3 oblong or subelliptic, 1-1.5 mm, inner 3 broadly ovate, to 5 mm, ca.

1 mm, lobes ca. 4 mm. female flowers: sepals and petals as in male; staminodes 6, to 1 mm; carpels 3. fruiting peduncle 8-11(-15) mm; carpophores 2-3 mm. 6 mm, broadly keeled at apex with low median ridge abaxially, surface with irregular low tubercles or longitudinal ridges, adaxial aperture elliptic, ca. fl. treatments in other floras @ www.efloras.org annotated checklist of the flowering plants of nepaldinghushan plant checklist1south china botanical garden herbarium other databases w3tropicos ipni

tinospora sinensis (lour.) merr. this species is accepted, and its native range is indian subcontinent to china (s. yunnan to s. guangdong) and indo-china. tinospora species are succulent woody climbing shrubs, generally sending down long aerial roots from the host trees, where they spread. l tinospora sinensis (lour.) merr. is an accepted name. this name is the accepted name of a species in the genus tinospora (family menispermaceae)., tinospora sinensis medicinal uses, tinospora sinensis medicinal uses, tinospora sinensis common name, tinospora sinensis wikipedia, tinospora crispa.

it (the plant) is having highly pubescent young stem with conspicuous round or oval lenticels, warty when it becomes old, leaves are pubescent aboue and general information. tinospora sinensis is a deciduous, climbing shrub producing stems up to 20 metres long that twine around other plants for support[. 266. tinospora sinensis (lour.) merr. in gbif secretariat (2021). gbif backbone taxonomy. checklist dataset https://doi.org/10.15468/39omei accessed via gbif.org on, tinospora cordifolia common name.

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